Friday, July 23, 2010

Fist in the Air

Fed up but not beaten down. Fed up at my body and its unwillingness to do what I want it to. Fed up that 2009 has been lackluster at best for me when it comes to running accomplishments. Fed up that 8 1/2 months have passed since I got my buckle at the Oil Creek 100 and I'm still held up by the same injury. Still, the Type A personality that is part of every fiber of my being throws a fist in the air to it all. A fist that says no one thing will derail me. No one thing defines me. No one thing will stop me from accomplishing great things and consistently moving forward.

This is pretty much how I've been thinking all week. It was encouraged by a few things that got my heart pumping strong again. My XTERRA wetsuit arrived, courtesy of UPS on Tuesday and on Wednesday night, I headed out to West Branch State Park where a rainbow was in one direction, sunshine was in another direction, and thunderstorms were approaching. The West Branch beach is 700 feet long and has an enclosed swimming area. Outside of that swimming area are the perimeter markers of the swimming area and that's where I headed out swim back and forth between the markers. I swear...I had to learn how to breathe all over again. All the thoughts of my triathlon training in the late 1990s came back instantly. "Yes, I remember how crappy of a swimmer I am!" Luckily, the XTERRA suit granted me an amazing amount of buoyancy and I rocked out 4 lengths of the beach where 3 lengths were the goal...over 1/2 mile of swimming. (that's right...a FIST IN THE AIR right there!) Taking the suit off, I could see the heat rising off of my legs and after getting in the car, I was a bit nauseous. I am seriously out of shape for swimming...but in that is a goal and a goal I will strive towards. (fist bump, please)

Wednesday after work, I stopped by the North Canton YMCA and joined. They open at 5am and always open their pool for lap-swimming at 5:30am and have spin classes twice a week at 5:30am. It is en route on the way to work for me so that's my plan...hit the place up on non-running days for either spinning or swimming and still make it to work by 7am. Just in time, a spin class was set for 5:30am on Thursday morning. A girl from work, Heidi, attends the class and was there. The lady who led the class was super nice, help me set up my bike for me and we were off. Then I hear it: "Today, in honor of the Tour de France, we're going to do hills the entire time." Really? The whole hour? Oh geez. No matter, I'm made of steel and can rock this mutha out! FIST IN THE AIR! An hour later and many minutes with my eyes closed simply getting lost in the music and the sweat (there was a LAKE under the bike when I was done), I was done...and pooped. I remained hungry for the rest of the day and could barely stay awake at work. I did it, though, and will be back. Another goal, eh? (fist bump, please)

Here in a few hours, I'll be at Dr. Shah's office again. I anticipate that he'll order a MRI of my adductor region and go from there. I am against further treatments of physical therapy because I've been there, done that. It won't fix me. If surgery is necessary after we see the MRI, bring it on. There's a reason I pay those insurance premiums, right?

So let me encourage you..when you need to throw your fist in the it. Don't take no for an answer. Sometimes, it appears there is no way forward. You may be right...and you just need to create the way forward. Regardless, don't make excuses. Get out there and do what needs to be

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Hopeinator said...

I adore this post! You've got grit and determination...I love that! Fist in the air, my friend. Fist in the air!!!!