Monday, July 12, 2010

M-Cubed for 7/12/2010

Monday Morning Musings for July Twelfth, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Badwater 135.  The most grueling, hot, nasty, ultra-marathon on the planet starts this morning.  Wave 1 starts at 6am in Death Valley.  The forecast? 100F.  Pam Reed, who visited Ohio back in March and whom I ran much of the Fools 50K with is running yet again along with local elite ultra-runner Connie Gardner.  Full details

- A new addiction?  I don't know why, but I started listening to NPR (National Public Radio) on WKSU this past week, 89.7 FM.  I believe I was seeking classical music and knew they played it.  In the past, I think that I've stayed away because my preconception about NPR is that is was a leftist, very liberal station.  That isn't me!  Turns out, their talk material is quite good and diverse.  My observation is that when they cover the news and stories, they are very balanced and present both sides fairly.  I like that.  I want to hear both arguments.  They definitely cover more social issues in their news broadcasts which I'm very passionate about.  Unlike some who just want to stick their fingers in their ears and scream "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!!!!!" when they hear something they disagree with, I think hearing all sides lets us become better rounded and educated.  
Listen here.

- The online HD streaming feature came in handy late Friday night.  I had decided on Friday while driving to Columbus for my Navy weekend that I'd burn the midnight oil and get the now-very-late Western Reserve Trail Running newsletter written and out.  Well, WKSU was playing some quite awesome folk music which kept my "work" all that more enjoyable.  The newsletter?  I sent it out yesterday to nearly 1100 trail runners (!!!) and can be read
here in its entirety.  Enjoy!

Buckeye Trail 50K this Saturday?  Am I trained?  Nope!  Does my adductor still cause me pain after a long run? Yep!  Am I running it?  Well, I'm toeing the line, with a number on, and covering the 31.2 miles on our beloved Buckeye Trail.  Running the whole thing is another matter.  Running alot...yes.  Caring about the clock at the finish...not at all.  Time on the trail with so many of my friends and getting that super-cool blue blaze medal along with a new sticker for my back window (my current BT50K sticker is in very, very sad/peeling condition) are the only things that matter.  Oh yea...that stinkin' blue-blaze bondi band needs worn, too.  I lost the Facebook vote by a L O N G shot.  I'll see MANY of you out there this Saturday!

- A really great Navy weekend just passed by.  I finished my time at one command and began turnover at the new command.  The new command is a bright beacon of light in my Navy career.  I will be second-in-command in a unit that is playing a very significant role in the War on Terror in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  100% of everyone in this command has either gone, is there, or slated to head over to the desert.  Very cool to get the opportunity (finally!) to lead sailors (and some soldiers) and get the opportunity to go as well.  It is a joint-command meaning that even though it is Navy-centric, it also blends in Marines, Army, and Air Force...a joint environment.  I'm really looking forward to the next 3 years here!

- Just over a week ago, the late Mr. Robert Dunn passed away.  He was a pillar in my small community of Rootstown, OH.  He was heavily active throughout his entire life, especially in our schools.  He held, at his passing, the President-position for the Board of Education.  Ohio Revised Code has a somewhat loose procedure of filling his position until the next election.  They could actually just name someone to fill it and be done with it with no community input.  His position must be filled no earlier than 10 days and no later than 30 days from his death.  A few years back, I circulated a petition and got on the ballot to run for the Board but withdrew it at the last minute, expecting I was going to be mobilized to Iraq or Afghanistan.  Since that hasn't happened, I submitted my Letter of Intent last Friday to be considered for Mr. Dunn's Board position and now wait to hear what the Board decides.  I felt a very, very distinct calling to step up and serve.  I believe that I can really contribute in a very positive way to my community in this capacity.  Deadline to submit interest is today and the Board will decide by the end of the month.

- LeBron James.  I may or may not write a post about this guy.  I'll just say this now: that self-absorbed, arrogant, pathetic display on Thursday night was a total joke.  What was the most common word spoken?  "Me."  It's all about "me" was the theme.  What a great example to all the kids he was sitting in front of at the Boys and Girls Club and all the local folks in Ohio who looked up to him.  He is a perfect example of what is all wrong with our "all about me" society.  "It's not all about you, LeBron!!!  It's not all about any of us!!!"  Anyway...  That's all the space on my blog that I will dedicate to the
king. (emphasis on lower case "k".)  I've got my own King and cares about everyone BUT Himself, thank you very much!

- I'm still on the hunt for a used triathlon wetsuit.  I'm eager to return to the "tri" scene.  I must have one, though.  I sink on the swim portion like a lead weight and need the buoyancy provided by the suit.

Have a super week, everyone, and Happy Trails!

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