Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Super Foggy-licious

I just have to share about this morning's run. I got up...thermostat showed 36F and a quick glimpse outside showed dry roads. Perfect. I put on my 13 year old SportHill running pants (hopefully for the last time this season), my Mizuno Breathe-Thermo top and I was gone. Fog, fog, FOG! I have never run in such a dense fog in my life. I quickly learned that my Princeton-Tec headlamp didn't stand a chance, even with 4 fully-charged LEDs. It only provided a bubble to run in. To that end, I turned on my Bat-Vision and headed onto my 6 mile hilly country route where no cars should be. Wise since there is no way they'd see me regardless of how much reflective gear I'd wear. My bat-vision actually worked pretty good. I couldn't see much in front, to my sides, or behind but if I looked straight up, I could see a million stars in the sky. Sooooo cool! Slipping into my running coma, my defenses were down, for sure, and as I passed through a heavy deer-crossing section on my return trip and I thought to myself: "A deer could run out right now and neither one of us would see each other and I'm pretty darn sure I'd lose that battle." Not even 10 seconds later, clickety-clack go hooves across the road only steps in front of me followed by crackling branches to my right. I turned on my lamp immediately trying to spot his/her green eyes but to no avail. My heart nearly leaped out of my chest! It was like being transported straight into a scene of Blair Witch Project. I got moving again and now being on edge, a little stream off the side of road even spooked me about 1/2 mile later. Returning home, I was soaked. Water was laying right on top of my eyelids and on each freshly cut hair on my head from my super-tight haircut yesterday. Even my shoes were soaked...without ever seeing a water-crossing.

Super cool run for hump day. The weekend is halfway here!

Happy Trails, everyone!

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