Monday, March 29, 2010

M-Cubed for 3/29/2010

Monday Morning Musings for March Twenty-Ninth, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Another 50K in the books and a whopper it was.  Hands down, the muddiest trail conditions I have ever run in.  Starting temps were in the low 40s with a breeze and certain rain heading in late morning.  In the end, I had clean socks (thanks to my flaming blue Dirty Girl Gaiters) but my legs were bathed in mud.  A finishing time of 5 hours, 59 minutes, and 47 seconds was earned, not by accident.  At my pace heading into the last leg of the race at Salt Run Trail, I wouldn't have broken 6 hours.  However, I did not want a six-o-something finishing time.  Around mile 28, I came alive and ran as hard and as fast as I could.  It paid off!  Awesome days on the trails!  I took about 50 they are.

- Icing on the cake yesterday was getting to run half of the 31.2 miles with Pam Reed who we went and listened to on Friday night.  Pam is one of the most accomplished ultra-runners on the planet and we were very fortunate for her to be in town for the lecture and to run our trail race.  Two of my favorite quotes from her this weekend: "I don't run to race.  I run to reach my goals and for the accomplishment."  I totally echo that!  I used to race for time but no longer run for that reason.  I run!  Her second quote got a chuckle on Friday night: "During a 100+ mile event, when the sun comes up the 2nd day, you just forget about running all night and keep going!"  Thanks for the miles and inspiration, Pam!

- Icing on the cake from such a successful 50K yesterday was that I ran 10 miles on Saturday morning as Marjie ran her next long run of 9 miles.  (I had to run a bit more...I like even numbers.)  I felt none of that run yesterday and in fact, didn't taper or anything for Fools.  I'm taking Marjie and Amy on an April Fools 10-miler on Thursday night, their next long run.  The Flying Pig 1/2 isn't too far away!  From what I've heard, there's a lot of NE Ohio piggies heading down to Cincy in May.

- We finally ordered our telescoping flagpole for our home.  It's a rope-less pole that is very strong for the wind that we spotted at the Ohio State Fair last year.  Also ordered a solar-powered spotlight that'll reach 20 feet up where the flag will be.  Looking forward to finally "finishing" our house!

- I've had 2 Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs so far.  They're only available before Easter.  I wonder if I should stop here.  They are oh so good!

- Next running 'event' is in 3 37-mile 37th birthday run.  On April 16th, I'll lead Marjie and Amy out on their last long run of 12 miles then split off and head to adjacent towns to mine like Brimfield, Kent, and Ravenna, OH.  Stopping along the way for Spring-time pics and considering a lunch break at the Pita Pit in Kent.  They have some awesome vegetarian options on wheat pitas that would be perfect for that run.  They're located in the new Acorn Alley in Kent.

- MMT 100: I withdrew from the MMT 100 a week ago.  I've kept it hush-hush simply because I didn't want to explain myself over and over again.  However, with the race yesterday, I thought it time to explain now. It's quite simple, actually: my recovery from my injury has gone extremely well.  However, I do not feel that my body is ready to ramp up training to prepare for a May 15th 100-miler...the hardest 100-miler on the east coast.  Every fiber in my being told me it was not worth toeing the line of an event in that condition which could easily lead to a repeat injury and being down for the majority of 2010.  NO EVENT is worth that to me.  Secondly: I have to have a burning passion to run 100 miles.  I have to be 110% mentally there.  Honestly, I totally lost that for MMT.  I didn't have it, I didn't want to run it.  Many will disagree with me on the decision to pull out of MMT and that's OK.  My decision and mine alone and since it's done now, I am breathing easily again and now know it was the right thing to do.  Another year...

 - Speaking of injury and recovery, the Fools 50K yesterday was a true test of where I stand.  The slippery muck we ran through is EXACTLY what aggravated my injury.  The uncontrollable side-to-side sliding, thus extending and tugging on the adductor muscles, would've been impossible and very painful a few months back. was.  Remember the Winter Run for Regis?  It was not nearly as bad then but my short 15 miles that day hurt bad because of the unsure footing and sliding.  Not so this time.  I feel great this morning and have taken NO ibuprofen since the race to make sure I feel everything the way it is and I have no pain.  AMEN!!!!

- Monday, Monday, Monday....back to the grind.  I am off on Friday, though, so I won't hold it against you.  Time to go for an hour recovery run on the hilly roads near home!!!

Have a great week, everyone, and Happy MUDDY Trails!

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