Friday, October 16, 2009

The Week After

Wow, what a week! Where shall I start? How about I cover one topic at a time. We'll start right here at RTRSBM:

My race report
for Oil Creek went "viral" as I like to say. My SiteMeter account nearly went bonkers with the hits from all corners of the country. Not sure how that happened but it did and it's been a fun ride. One of those who got a hold of it (not directly from me, mind you) was the newspaper in Titusville, PA where the Oil Creek 100 was held. They contacted me and asked permission to use my story for the paper and if I could send them a few pictures. I did so and yesterday, Thursday, they made me their front page story! The whole front page! It was pretty neat to see that in print like that. They are sending me a few hard copies to save. (Marjie, my resident "professional" scrapbooker will appreciate that!) Here's the story.

My recovery
has been a rocky road. Without a doubt, Oil Creek did more damage than any previous event in my life hands down. I didn't get an adjustment at the chiropractor nor a massage but I rested all week long. Come Thursday morning, I felt more myself for the first time and energy levels were nearly back to normal (oh, my poor co-workers!). On Tuesday, I actually went to work but could not last to the end of the day. I left 2 hours early totally dead to the world. Just this morning, I met up with Gombu at West Branch for an extremely easy 6 miles on the mountain bike trails. It was so perfect out there. Leaves in full foliage effect and covering the trail heavily, mostly in reds. As soon as we started, I could feel a pinpoint right at the top of my left abductor. The stinkin' pain spot was still there. I told Gombu to take light walking breaks until warmed up and that did the trick. Eventually, we were weaving around the trails at a nice, comfortable pace, coming close to the lake every once in awhile. I've been thinking about hosting a 5-6 mile run out there to show everyone the trails then have a pot-luck social at my house only 12 minutes away. If you think you'd be interested in this, let me know or post a comment on here. I'd love to do it around Christmas and maybe have a "Dirty Santa" exchange. Hmmmm....this sounds like fun.

My future plans
remain the same. The Inaugural Bobcat Trail Marathon is only 3 weeks away now down at Burr Oak State Park, north of Athens, OH. It's going to be a BLAST! I really want to be 100% for that event. If it means nearly no running and lots of foam roller action between now and then, then so be it. This problem I have with my abductor is not one of those problems that can simply be run through (well, unless you're in a 100 mile race, that is!). After that, you can see what's scheduled over on the right. One thing I've started to think about is the 3rd Annual Water Falls Run. I started it as a celebratory run on the last Saturday of the year in 2007. We had about 10 people. Last year, an incredible 70+ showed up, totally surprising me. This year, it falls on Saturday, December 26th and will follow the same course, visiting Blue Hen, Buttermilk, then Brandywine Falls for around 16-ish miles. Something else is in the works to marry up with this event and you will NOT want to miss it...but I have to keep it under wraps for now. Stay tuned.

My shoes that I wore at Oil Creek for all 100 miles were the same shoes I wore for all 100 miles at the Kettle Moraine 100 in June. Guess how many miles are on those discontinued (argh!!!) Keen Wasatch Crest trail shoes? 544 whoppin' miles!!! Woo hoo!!! They aren't going away, either. I have had absolutely zero problems with them and they are holding up. However, I kinda don't want to clean them off. I like having a little "Oil Creek Mud" still hangin' out in my garage...not too sure Marjie feels the same. Talking about my feet, I am very happy to say that through three 100-milers, I didn't have one single foot problem, one single blister, or anything. NADA! I think my feet-bottoms have turned to leather, though.

Pictures have been plentiful with about 3 different photographers present on the Oil Creek course. There is one worth your time to look at. He traveled up to Pennsylvania from South Carolina. He is a 4-time Military Photographer of the Year and a war hero who earned the Bronze Star. Jeremy Lock was so moved by the event that he said it was one of the Top 10 events he had ever shot. He has uploaded over 800 images and trust me, they are breath-taking. Absolutely beautiful. Take a few minutes and check them out here. I want them all!

Have a great weekend, everyone, and get out that fall/winter running gear!

Happy Trails, everyone!

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