Thursday, October 8, 2009

Less than 48 Hours

So what to do this morning before my last day of work before heading out to my 3rd 100 miler of the year? I seek inspiration and most often, I find it by witnessing others who have gone before me. Here are a few videos I found which helped start my day right today. Mental fortitude is the name of the game...these help.

The first one really should be titled "No Excuses....never."

This second one is a summary video from the 2009 Massanutten Trails 100. This also happens to be my goal race for 2010. The registration lottery opens up in December...considered the toughest 100 mile race on the east coast.

Lastly, this is an interview with Stan, the Race Director of the MMT100. It's his brief insight into the ultra-marathon, 100 mile culture. It sort of helps answer the "why" question I get so often.

FYI: I will post all tracking information, weather info, and final details about the Oil Creek 100 tomorrow morning before I leave for Titusville, PA. There is nothing else to report right now. I am getting good sleep, eating lots of carbs, and drinking lots of water. Final drop bag planning will be tonight. I am ready.

Happy Trails, everyone!


Brett S. said...

Was that a Buckeye winter jacket with a VR logo at 3:50 into the Massanutten Trails video? Anyway, good luck.

Hopeinator said...

Have a wonderful time. You are ready!!! We look forward to a full race recap when you return.

Inca Princess said...

(yells from Cuyahoga Falls): "Mr. Moon, Mr. Moon"!!! Good luck Nick - you'll do great!

Kron said...

Looking forward to full (at least 2 days worth) race report. You'll do great. The area is beautiful. Godpseed!!