Friday, October 9, 2009

Oil Creek 100 Tracking and Weather

Race Details:

Start: 5am, Saturday, October 10th

Location: Titusville Middle School in Titusville, PA

Course: it is essentially 3 50K loops (about 31 miles each) with an add-on loop at the end to make up the entire 100.3 miles (course description)

Time Limit: 32 hours or 1pm Sunday

Google Map of Titusville Middle School: can also create driving instructions to get here if you are coming to the start/finish

Click for Titusville, Pennsylvania Forecast

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Ken said...

Hey Nick, Great job at OC100! It was a great race and a super venue. I just wanted to say that I commend your goal of doing MMT in 2010, I did it this year and it is a tough one. Expect more climbs, difficult climbs and rocks for the whole distance. I was almost relieved to see road sections. Cheers, Ken Niemimaa