Monday, October 19, 2009

M-Cubed for 10/19/2009

Monday Morning Musings for October Nineteenth, Two Thousand and Nine. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Big weekend in marathoning just went by with many local runners going different directions for their next 26.2. A few performances stick out in my head like Aaron's 3:09 in Columbus, Andrea's re-qualifying for Boston up in Michigan, Greg D. running, I think, his 6th consecutive marathon in 6 weeks in Columbus in 3:14 or 3:16, after running the Burning River 100 in under 23 hours, of course. Greg, who I doubt will read this, used to be nearly equal with me in ability. We ran similar marathon and ultra-marathon times and trained very often together. He has dramatically improved since then and really stepped it up and become extremely successful and my hat is off to him...all without injury. Simply amazing. My brother, Bill also ran his 3rd marathon of his life and in 2009 down in Columbus and 2nd in three weeks...all 3 under 4 hours, to boot. Those are just a few but I know many others set PRs and some had rough days, too...but they all crossed that finish line. Kudos to you all for covering the distance yet again!

- Inevitable, I suppose. A 5-day work-week. I haven't had one for a L O N G time. Here we are this week and yuck, I don't want to! Especially after a weekend with the Navy and no days off, it stinks. One day of it will actually be spent with the Navy again as I'll travel to western Ohio for a day of training to become a CACO (Casualty Assistance Calls Officer). Ever seen a movie (Saving Private Ryan and Taking Chance come to mind) where military in full dress uniform show up at family's house and deliver the news that their loved one has passed away? Those officers who do that are CACO officers and it's something I've wanted to be involved with for a long time. The CACO not only makes notifications but also helps with funerals, grieves with the families, and helps ensure financial matters are taken care of. Not nearly enough honor is given to our country's fallen and their families so I hope to simply do my part and serve in a very different way than what I'm used to.

- Speaking of Taking Chance, my girls got me the DVD for Sweetest Day. I've been waiting for it for awhile so THANK YOU!

- More Navy news: I did take my Oath of Office for the 2nd time yesterday. With my recent promotion, it is customary to take the oath again to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States, etc." and raise my right hand. I expect to being doing that for a very long time to come! I'm also getting a new assignment which directly impacts my 2010 schedule. It's a dream job, actually and I will be taking command of a unit which is 1 of 10 other units which make up one big battalion. It is an awesome opportunity and more importantly, a leadership opportunity that I've been seeking for a long time. More details about it once I get into the job. Being in this job starting in December will most likely keep me stateside for most of 2010. That's the big schedule change which of course, is good "family" news!

- It feels quite good, I'll admit, to not having the heavy weight of a 100-miler bearing down on me right now. A simple 2009 schedule remains and that's a relief. It's nice not to have to constantly be thinking about it. (I wouldn't dare change the last 5 months, though...they have been life-changing, for sure) Oil Creek still lingers in my mind but my buckle has been safely tucked away, protected for sure, but tucked away for now. I'm more concerned with my recovery from it and getting back onto the trails. The cold season is knocking at our door here in Ohio which beckons me onto the trails. I need to get back to 100%, though.

- The left abductor muscle is still reminding me it exists. It goes through good and bad times. My foam roller has become part of my daily routine as I try and expedite full recovery. I still hope that no permanent damage was done at Oil Creek but I can't say that with full confidence right now...I just don't know. As I back off right now, I'm going to get back to some weight and heavy-bag work to supplement some lower mileage. We'll see where this goes and hope for the best. The Bobcat Trail Marathon is only 20 days away, after all!

- I need to start saying "No." Too many "Yes, no problem, I'll take care of that" and increased stress levels surely follow. Taking an inventory last night brought it all front and center and some shedding of responsibilities is in order to keep my head screwed on correctly. I already took care of a few but more are on the chopping block. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. Maybe you know what I'm talking about? I thought so.

- Group Runs: that term sounds so foreign to me. When the heck was the last time I was at a Saturday group run in the Valley? It seems like an eternity ago. It is time to get back to those long trail runs in the Valley with my friends and maybe some hot coffee and breakfast at Fisher's afterwards. I miss it so much. In order to do that, I need to keep my pen off of registration forms! Speaking of registration forms: if you didn't send yours in for the Winter Run for Regis, you're most likely out of luck as it will most likely be sold out today. I hope to lead some familiarization runs of this newly-revised event in the near future. Stay tuned.

Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!

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Mark Carroll said...

You must be thrilled to pieces with how 2009 has gone. Its been fun watching/reading about your year.