Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lots of Rest and OC100 Drop Bag Planning

It's been a quiet week and a very non-eventful week so not a whole lot to say today. I had a blast working on the Western Reserve Trail Running Newsletter this past month. It's the most substantial newsletter since I started writing it in January of this year and it's readership has grown exponentially. It now goes out to over 400 direct e-mails with over a 95% success rate and then goes out to 100s of other trail runners throughout the country via a listserv. I think it's becoming a bit of a catalyst for the growing trail running community here in NE Ohio. With everyone living their own lives and doing their own thing, it's a way to keep us all together, on the same page, moving forward. I consider it an honor to write it each month. If you're a reader, I hope you enjoy it! Read the October Edition here.

Can you believe I am less than 9 days until the Oil Creek 100 now??? My recovery has gone extremely well and the calf/Achilles issue I had at the Akron Marathon has disappeared completely. Using Beth M.'s challenge to REST...I'm doing just that. Since Akron, I have run a whoppin' 3 miles...yesterday. Total rest from Sunday - Tuesday, then an easy 3 miles yesterday morning to warm things up after my deep tissue massage on Tuesday night by Lori...newlywed Lori, by the way! She gave me the illusion that she was going to be 'nice' to me but lo and behold, there I am...laying all comfy on my stomach and all of a sudden I am yelping like a pup. Imagine a piece of steel, in the shape of a carrot...then drive that thing deep into your right hamstring. YOWSERS!!! She was going for the trigger point...and found it! Then, she found a knot in that problem calf and had to strip it out....deep breaths...deep breaths... Come Wednesday morning, it was all good! Tonight, I'm meeting up with the Crooked River Trail Runners to run the Cross Country Trail and the Salt Run Trail...should be plenty wet out there. I hope to get about 6 or so miles before relaxing at the Winking Lizard afterwards. Like I said before, there is zero training value in these two weeks to go out and run hard, run too much, etc. Achieving my 3rd 100 mile finish is going to require showing up at the starting line 100% physically and mentally. It's not about's about endurance and the will to keep moving forward. Keeping that focus in mind, I'm resting more than I have in a very long time.

For those of you who might be interested in some of the preps I am working on for Oil Creek, one big thing is to plan my drop bags. Those are critical in being prepared for anything that the weather and course may throw at me. Given that last night it dipped into the upper 30s, I clearly need to have gear to stay warm. But, it could rain hard, too...or could be warm and humid...who knows! I also need to plan my nutrition and eating schedule. Being well-organized and planning ahead for the unknown...via my drop bags, is critical. Here's a look at what I've been working on for my drop's my Type A personality at its best! There is one big glaring difference on this spreadsheet as compared to the Kettle Moraine 100 and Burning River 100 earlier this summer, that being the distance between fully stocked aid stations. At those two other events, I typically went 4-6 miles between fully stocked aid stations. At Oil Creek, that distance spreads out a bit and in one leg, nearly 10 miles and as the race drags on, could be over 2 hours between food sources. I am planning to carry some extra plastic baggies with me and carry some food with me so I can keep eating in those sections. There are other stops along the way, but those are un-manned, water-only stops. Given that I drink very little water during an event (more Heed and Perpetuem than anything), I'm really focusing on those aid stations. The spreadsheet is not complete, by the for my drop bag contents. That's a work-in-progress.

I got my "Dirty Girl Gaiters," by the way. See the pic of them on the right? Blue flames! (hottest part of the flame, by the way) Hopefully, these will keep all the little pebbles and rocks out of my shoes at Oil Creek...and scare the bears away!

Happy October, everyone, and Happy Trails!

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Hopeinator said...

I'm a Type A too! So, I've never met a spreadsheet, graph, or chart I didn't like. You are going to do great at Oil Creek. Just continue to take care of yourself this week and enjoy the experience.