Monday, July 27, 2009

M-Cubed for 7/27/2009

Monday Morning Musings for July Twenty-Seventh, Two Thousand and Nine. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- GREAT three day weekend! It started with a 9.4 mile trail run on Thursday night followed by the Winking Lizard afterwards with a bunch of other local runners. Friday was filled with things from oil changes on the cars, a nice-n-tight haircut, and my deep, DEEP tissue massage by Lori. Saturday, I slept in yet for the 2nd day in a row, ran a hilly 6 to warm up the muscles after Lori's "brutality" on Friday then hung out at home all day. Sunday, I finally got the car washed, had lunch at my parents (grilled chicken and steak kabobs with homemade fries...yum!), then took my family down to the Boston Store in the Valley. Marjie is volunteering at this aid station at this Saturday's Burning River 100 and I wanted to walk her through what to expect. It'll help her to know where runners are coming from and going to. We actually hiked all the way up the rollercoaster hill and down the Piano Keys, then back to the Boston Store. The girls were pooped! Then, I walked them on the Towpath a bit and crossed over to the Valley Bridle Trail so they'd see the beginning and end of the Brandywine Falls loop. We also drove through downtown Cuyahoga Falls so she'd know where to park at the finish line and where I'd come out of the Glen's Trail with less than a mile to go.
- I think this week will just FLY by. Days at work go fast, anyhow. Plus, I took a vacation day on Friday so it's only a 4-day work-week. I'm only running a couple of times this week but will walk a lot around my office's neighborhood during breaks just to keep my legs warmed up and loose. Wednesday night, I'll be at Vertical Runner to help stuff the runners' bags with all the goodies they'll get at packet pickup. Friday night is the pre-race pasta dinner and meeting.

- In my opinion, the weather is the big X-factor. It looks pretty good right now with a forecast topping out near 80F and lows around 60F and very little chance of rain. If that forecast holds, it'll be the best weather for the BR100 in the three years of its existence. I'll take it!

- I rarely ask Lori to go deep and shred everything during a massage. However, I felt so out of sorts in the past several weeks that I felt like I needed a hard reset of my body with enough time left before the BR100 for it to recover from it. I gotta tell ya...I feel really, really good today and am highly optimistic about this coming weekend and achieving my 2nd 100 mile finish.

- I have already posted links on the top right of my blog to track me and all other runners this Saturday/Sunday. You should check out the webcast. It's pretty darn awesome. It's still in testing right now but you can see the format and how it will work. I've also posted links to the Boston Store Aid Station and to the Finish Line. If you'd like to come down to the Boston Store, I'd recommend between 5pm and 8pm. Marjie will be there volunteering until 8pm. Please be careful as you approach the area as runners cross the roads 3 different times in that area and they will already have been running for over 12-15 hours at that point so don't assume they see you...they may very well not be paying much attention! :-)

- I'm really looking forward to the day after the BR100. I've taken a week of vacation and will enjoy every second of it.

- If you are volunteering for the BR100 and are reading this, please accept a huge THANK YOU!!!! I promise to thank volunteers as often as possible because without them (YOU), these events are impossible. For the BR100, there are over 350 volunteers!!! That's over 2 volunteers to every runner! AMAZING! Speaking of volunteers, direction BR100 pie plates were already out around the Boston Store along with the striped "confidence" markers. I just hope park users leave them alone over the next 5 days.

- For the many of you who have become fans of the monthly WRTR (Western Reserve Trail Running) Newsletter, it normally comes out at 12:01am on the first of every month. Due to the BR100 starting on August 1st and my participation, the newsletter will go out two days early on Thursday morning. It is really, really good with tons of great inspiration. Two guest race reporters, race preview of the YUT-C 50K, updated WRTR Race Series standings since the BT50K, and a great Trail Runner Spotlight are the highlights for August. Oh yea, a bit about blister and chaffing protection as well. Check your e-mail on Thursday when you wake up!

- Rest, relaxation, water, and carbo-loading. That essentially defines the next 5 days. (well, not too much carbo-loading until Thursday) Tick, tock, tick, tock...

Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!

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Chef Bill Bailey said...

Good Luck Nick
I'll get to see you 3 times...Prerace dinner, Covered Bridge Aid Station, Covered Brideg Aid Station, and Post Race Breakfast.

God Speed
Chef Bill Bailey