Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Belated M-Cubed

Belated M-Cubed...I simply didn't have it in me nor the time to splurge yesterday morning...

- Happy to be home in Ohio. It was a great trip to Athens, GA over the past week. For those unfamiliar on the "why" of the trip, it was my mid-point training as I travel through a school with the U.S. Navy. I started the school in January 2009, this was the mid-point, then I graduate in March 2010...my next and final trip to Athens, GA. As a reservist, the training is spread out over time. I was on active duty as a nuclear mechanic from 1991-2001 but returned in 2007 but this time as a commissioned officer in the Navy's Supply Corps...and this is Supply Corps training. Get it? After I graduate next year, I become a usable "asset" to the Navy and expect some big events to occur in my and my family's life. Standing by...

- Anyone in the mood for "The Grit"? Dang, I already miss that cafe. I wish I knew of a place like it up here.

- Over the weekend, the Hardrock 100 took place and Gombu (Bob Combs) finished yet another one in 46 hours. Unlike the Kettle 100 that I did and the majority of other 100 milers with 30hr cutoffs, the Hardrock has a 48hr cutoff. It takes place in the Rocky Mountains, crests one of the 14'ers, and is one unbelieveable event. Just to register for the lottery, you have to "qualify" by running and completing another major mountain 100 miler. Kudos to Bob Combs (who has provided me much guidance on my 100 mile training) for a "Job Well Done!" Bob also directs the YUT-C 50K in Mill Creek Park in September. (plug, plug!)

- This weekend, it's a busy one. The sold-out Buckeye Trail 50K takes place here in my backyard. It was my first ultra-marathon 2 years ago. Unfortunately, the Navy calls once again and I cannot run it this year. But to be honest, if I could have adjusted those obligations, I would be volunteering for it and not running it. With Burning River only 14 days after the BT50K and running the Kettle 100 six weeks prior, I had decided it would be a poor decision to run it this year...even if I could. I'm really bummed about not being able to volunteer, though. Some things, I can't change. Also this weekend is another popular 100 miler, the Vermont 100. A few locals are heading up and I'll be sure to be logging in and tracking them. Last year was nasty weather so here's hoping for a great weather weekend.

- I ended up with 54 miles last week on 5 days of running and 6 total runs. Nothing super long and crazy, just nice steady runs in a variety of conditions with the goal of staying healthy and injury free before Burning River. No point in super-long runs right now. On Saturday morning, I ran 10 around Athens in 90% humidity and 70F. By afternoon, the mercury reached 90F with humidity around 50% with clear, sunny skies so I took advantage of the opportunity of some hot training in the sun and headed out for the 2nd time that day and knocked out a good "mental" 6 miles. I've had very little hot weather training for Burning River so I'll take anything I can get right now.

- Today marks only 18 days until my 2nd shot at the 100 mile distance this year at Burning River. I can't believe how fast this time has passed since my Kettle 100 finish on June 7th. I'm anxious for it to get here. It is going to be a blast and an entirely different experience as compared to the Kettle. I will know more people than not during the event. From participants to volunteers, there will be many familiar faces. It will also be much more warmer and humid but I am looking forward to staring down this race and cracking it wide open once and for all. Enough of my memories from last year over 55 miles...time to replace them with 100 new miles of memories. I also have a veteran ultra-runner and previous Burning River 100 finisher who has volunteered to pace me either the last 30 or 40 miles to the finish. I'll definitely embrace the company, encouragement, and occasional kick-n-the-butt that I'll need! Thanks!

- Anyone out there wondering where the heat and humidity are that are commonplace this time of year in NE Ohio? Days upon days in the upper 70s, low humidity, and lows at night in the lower 50s? I'm surely not unhappy about it but it's so rare. This Saturday's BT50K is going to be bone dry and perfect weather. History has been hot/humid/muggy for this event. I'm guessing that the heat/humidity will show up around noon on August 1st while I'm trucking down the Towpath at the BR100. :-)

- The Physical: OK, a little update about my knee, etc. I've been very careful lately and hypersensitive to everything physical with the ultimate goal of showing up at 100% readiness for the BR100. Knowing that I have a very recent 100 mile finish in my back pocket, my goal has been to stay healthy and ensure I do nothing to jeopardize BR. All together, I feel very good. The only time I ever feel anything around my knee is during extended times sitting (ie: at work) or on days off from running (ironic, eh?). While running, it feels wonderful. I continue to use "The Stick" daily and will continue that practice. The other thing was that middle right foot toe that I jammed so hard a few weeks ago. It's color has returned to normal but it still aches now and then and remains slightly swollen. However, it doesn't impede walking or running. I just notice it from time to time and mostly while barefoot around the house. Other than those two things, I feel really good. I will back down the mileage from this point on towards BR and shift some of my running effort onto some cardio, static exercises, and bench press workouts, but nothing too strenuous.

- One good confidence-building trail run is what I need: since I can't run the BT50K this weekend or run any trails at all this weekend, I'm going to run from Pine Lane THIS Friday at 6am. My plan is to be out there for 4-5 hours and move at a nice-n-easy, steady pace. If you'd like to join me, let me know.

Good luck to the many of you running the BT50K this weekend and thank you if you are volunteering at the event. No volunteers = no event!

Happy Trails, everyone!

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