Thursday, July 9, 2009

Indian Food & Time Alone

As the majority of my family headed to the beach, I headed a different direction to Athens, GA where I am on active duty for some more training with the Navy. Many of you may remember my trip here back in January when I went up to the Chattahoochee National Forest for 20 miles of gorgeous trails. While the daytime brings time in the classroom, the mornings are reserved for new territory to run in and the night is reserved for seeking out the cool, local establishments often found in a college town. This is the home of UGA (University of Georgia) and is full of places to seek out.

While far from a vegan or a vegetarian, I love restaurants that are. I've never been to one I didn't love. The Flaming Ice Cube in Boardman is
really good, many of you surely know about VegiTerranean just north of downtown Akron in the Northside Lofts, and down here, the local favorite is The Grit. A quick Google search online revealed customer reviews that overwhelmingly loved it so after a stop at the tour/tasting at the Terrapin tonight, I headed to The Grit. It's located in a turn-of-the-century building that has been a pharmacy, a natural gas wholesaler, and several other things. Now, it takes two storefronts on the border of UGA.
Inside, the original walls remain unfinished and rough and local artists' work adorn the walls. I had studied the menu online but once I got there, I drew a total blank. What did catch my eye was a multitude of Indian foods. It was Indian night and the special was essentially a sampling of Indian foods from those with some heat to a little bit of sweetness. To the right, you can see what I saw. Kudos to you if any of it makes sense to you. For me, I typically shy away from anything that includes the word "curry" as I'm a big wimp when it comes to spicy foods. However, my waiter said it wasn't too bad plus grilled flatbread came with it which could tame down the flames if necessary. Good thing I didn't order anything in addition to this sampler because at the end, I was stuffed to the gills. With so many "foreign" things, I'm hoping my body accepts it all and the night/morning are uneventful. It sure did taste good...that's for sure! Below is a picture of it all on the plate before I enjoyed it all. I labeled it just to help make sense of it all. That green stuff (Saag) looked gross but it was pretty darn good and even better with the flatbread.
This trip has already provided the time to digest all of the recent happenings in my life and things to come. I am very happy with much in my life including my family, my career, and my running. My raw approach to life and honesty/truth in everything has proven to not be so popular in some circles but that's an acceptable price to pay. I've been one happiest alone or besides my wife for a very long time. I certainly appreciate all of the friends I have gained in the local running community and they are very important to me and I love every opportunity to share the trails with them or a relaxing post-run dinner in the Valley. I thoroughly enjoy seeing them reach their goals, I am sad when they get injured, and I soak up all the encouragement they throw my way as I hit obstacles or cross big finish lines. For that, I thank them. I hope to continue to meet new people and to keep kickin' up the dirt with others for a very long time to come.

Happy Trails, everyone! (23 days until the Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run!)


ChickenUnderwear said...


I was just bouncing around the blogispher looking at runner's blogs and wanted to tell you that I enjoyed yours.

Could you tell me what software you used to put the labels on the Indian food?


It looks a lot better than your foot from an earlier post :0)

Nick Billock said...

I just use Google's free Picasa 3. Free and easy to use.

Thanks for stopping by!