Saturday, July 25, 2009

BR100 Drop Bags and Final Preps

The final draft of the BR100 Race Packet was finally published last night so I got a chance today to formulate my drop bag plans that coincides with my nutrition and clothing strategy. Unlike many other 100 milers, the BR100 offers many options for drop bags. Logistically, this is a tall order for the race organizers but provides runners with much flexibility. My plan is to only use 3 of the available drop bag points. Getting into my drop bag certainly extends my time at an aid station so if I can accomplish what I need to with less, I'll do so.

I will start by wearing a waist pack filled with two packages of Clif Shot Bloks (12 count) and will take one every 45min. A timer on my watch will chime every 45min to remind me. This worked very well for me at the Kettle 100 and provides a continuous trickle flow of electrolytes. Also in my waist pack at the start will be two baggies full of multi-hour doses of Hammer's Perpetuem. I may have a few gels in the pack as well. I will also have 2 handhelds where one will contain Hammer's Heed and the other will be water. The one with water will eventually be my Perpetuem bottle from the Harper Ridge Aid Station, Mile 18.7, to the finish. A multi-hour bottle of Perpetuem will last me approximately 15 miles. Notice that I won't be wearing my Nathan pack full of 1.5 liters of water like I did at the Kettle. That was overkill and really made my shoulders ache so it'll stay home this time.

The first drop bag will be at Station Road #1/#2 which is at Miles 36.6 and 43. When I arrive the first time, I will make up my 2nd batch of Perpetuem which I will have been carrying since the start. I will always carry the Perpetuem in advance of when I'll use it so I can pour it in the bottle before I enter the aid station so that all that has to be done is to fill it with water...another time saver. At Station Road, I will have staged in my bag: trail shoes, BlisterShield-filled new socks, 6ct of ShotBloks, BodyGlide, Perpetuem for Mile 50.6 (Snowville Rd.) and a fresh new shirt to change into. After arriving back at Station Road the 2nd time (mile 43), I will change out of my road shoes and put on trail shoes.

My second drop bag will be waiting at the Boston Store Aid Station, miles 56/60.6. This is also where Marjie (my wife) will be volunteering. It is also the prime spot for anyone who wants to see a lot of the runners. We pass through here twice and it's a very party-like aid station so I highly recommend anyone not involved in the event to come on down and "experience" the BR100 without actually "experiencing" it. Park at the Boston Mills Ski Resort and walk on over. Don't worry, you'll have no doubt where to go. Just be careful as runners will be crossing both Riverview Road and Boston Mills Road. In my Boston Store drop bag, I will have: Starbucks DoubleShot (to be drank at Mile 60.6)...this is my miracle drink. It was amazing at the Kettle 100. Also in the bag will be two doses of Perpetuem (Pine Lane mile 64.7 and Pine Hollow mile 75), long sleeve shirt (I'll get chilled as the sun sets), 6ct of ShotBloks, BodyGlide, my headlamp for night-vision and another pair of BlisterShield-filled socks...just in case. I'll also stash replacement batteries in there just in case the installed ones fizzle out on me overnight. After Boston Store, it's "GAME ON!" Less than 40 to go and into the night we will run!

My final drop bag will be at the Covered Bridge, miles 81.6/85.7. At mile 81.6, we will head to the Perkins Trail which is a nasty, muddy, steep trail. If it rains a lot over the next week, it'll be a mess. For that reason, my trail shoes will remain on until mile 85.7. Once I arrive back at the Covered Bridge (Mile 85.7), I'll change into the most cushioned road shoes I can find and put fresh, new socks on. (from here to the finish, all of the technical trail is done so road shoes will suffice) I will also take a Starbucks DoubleShot #2 when I change my shoes. This will be in the middle of the night so I'll need new life breathed back into my bloodstream. Also in that drop bag will be a new shirt just in case I want to change, another 6ct of ShotBloks, BodyGlide, and a dose of Perpetuem to be taken at Mile 89 (O'Neill Woods). That'll be enough to get me to the finish.

Nutrition: overall, I will eat at all aid stations and take Hammer's Endurolytes (salt tabs) throughout the event. As it gets to around dinner time, I'll start eating hot foods and ones that are more substantial. The word is that at Mile 64.7 (Pine Lane), pierogies will be waiting! YUM!!! I love them! That's a perfect thing to eat because they're easy to eat, have mashed potatoes in them, and above all else, they are sooooooooo good! Thanks, Red! I will also have the goal to finish my bottle of Heed before each aid station so that I can refill and ensure I'm pushing enough fluids in to help combat dehydration. Other than that and my constant feed of ShotBloks, the occasional gels, and Perpetuem, that's about it. I'm sure I'll encounter other really good foods at the aid station through the night, too, and will eat quite well.

So here we are < 7 days until the start. This past week, I ran 4 days: Sunday off, Monday 6 tempo miles, Tuesday off, Wednesday 7 miles, Thursday night 9.4 trail miles, Friday off, and today I ran a hilly, but easy, 6 miles. I also "requested" a shredding by my massage therapist, Lori Roosa, yesterday. Just about the time she was going to work on my quads, she got me talking which was the way she distracted me from what she was going to do. Those elbows of hers drove deep to the trigger points in both quads and made me sweat. She got a chuckle while I was dripping sweat...while laying still on table. Geez!!! Well, the idea was to tear everything down, put things where they belong, and to promote strong blood flow throughout. This plus drinking lots of water should bring me to tip-top condition. This morning, I ran easy to warm everything back up and have been chugging water all day. I'll take tomorrow off, run an easy 5 on Monday morning and 3 or 4 on Wednesday morning and that's it. Rest, eat well, and drink water is the plan. Wednesday night, I'll work out some of my pre-race jitters as I'll help out at Vertical Runner to stuff the goodie bags for all of the BR100 participants. After that, the pre-race dinner/meeting is Friday night and the event starts at 5am, Saturday August 1st.

Happy Trails, everyone!


Sensationally Red said...

So, after successfully avoiding me on EVERY Thursday night run that I attended, I resort to this--you MUST run to ME at Pine Lane to get your perogies! I won't disappoint! Good luck to you. Very interesting post.

Nick Billock said...

You know, Red...just ask Bob...I was asking where the heck you were on Thursday night. I think I messed up by posting I was running and YOU bailed on me!!! Come on! Just one of these days...

See you almost exactly 7 days from right now...Saturday night, August 1st! Thanks so much for volunteering!

Kim said...

Thanks for this post Nick! This will help me tremendously with my drop bag puzzle that I am currently working on!!

Anonymous said...

Nick, it's Jenny here. I know this is a long shot, but Nathan and I are planning to run separately at Burning River. I'm okay to run alone, but I remember the last 15 miles being a little scary, at least the road and bike path parts -- very isolated. Do you know if anyone, maybe in your running group, would be willing to pace me from Covered Bridge? And while I'm asking, I'm sure Nathan wouldn't mind company for the last 15 miles either. It's hard for either of us to predict our pace as we just did Vermont last week, but he'd be shooting for 19-20 something, and I'd be shooting for anything between 21 and 25 :-)

Just thought I'd ask you since you know everyone out there!

Tx, Jenny C

Nick Billock said...

Jenny, are you subscribed to the BR100 Yahoo group? If so, I recommend you post your request there. If not and you don't want to, I'd be happy to ask for you. I don't know anyone in particular but I have no doubt that someone would come forward. What would you prefer? Could you e-mail me instead of via this comment area? Thanks! See you soon!

Mark said...

Great post!! Too funny. I packed my bags for BR today as well. Its nice to see how a BR alum does it. Rest well!

Nick Billock said...

Hey Mark, thanks for the post! I wouldn't call me BR alum, though. I DNF'd last year at Mile 55. It's my training ground so I know the trails very well but hold off on the 'alum' until after I cross that finish line.

Taper well!

dirtdawg50k said...


Thanks for all you information and tips along the way leading up to BR. You helped describe the course to me along the way in the van and on part of the Recon Run last month and your drop bag info will help immensely as I put together my gear for my first shot @ a 100.