Saturday, January 17, 2009

Screwed Shoes Test Run & Sick

Boy oh boy, it's hard to believe this is Post #100! Thanks for all the comments and e-mails after my last installment of "3:30am." It's fun to do something not-so-normal or "routine" every once in awhile. Since I had that moon-illuminated run, some nasty virus has infiltrated my body and a scratchy throat, runny nose, aching all over, and a constant headache has been beatin' me down. For someone who very rarely gets sick, the timing of this is horrible. The BT50K is tomorrow morning at 7:15am. Not so good to have your energy stores sapped before you even hit the trail. Regardless, I'll be out there. To combat this, I've been eating lots of oranges, drinking lots of water, and poppin' 800mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours. None of the other over-the-counter meds work on me, but this stuff really helps. After every 5 or so hours, I keep hoping the nastiness doesn't return. So far, it keeps coming back. One thing that definitely makes me feel better is to go run...even at subzero temperatures. To that end, I got out this morning for an easy 3 mile out-n-back to test out my recently screwed trail shoes that I plan on wearing tomorrow. I shot a video (below) of how to complete this installation and tried them out today.

During the run, I ran into snow drifts besides the road and purposely looked for the icy patches. I have to admit...those screws really work! I couldn't slide even when I was trying to. I even tried to take off fast on top of ice and couldn't slip. They just dug right in and off I went. The only change I'm going to make is to remove the one screw I have in the center/front part. I couldn't feel any of the screws except for that one. It didn't hurt, but I could feel it there. If you take your thumb and press lightly on the bottom front 1/3 of your foot, that's what it felt like. With screws on the inside and outside perimeter, front and back, that screw really is unnecessary so out it comes. I'm also concerned for 5 - 6 hours of that light pressing and how it might effect me. It doesn't hurt, but my body isn't used to it so negative side effects could present need to find out. I also thought my shoes had about 300 miles on them. Turns out, they have 384 miles on them and my newer Keens have 300. I REALLY need to find a new pair of trail shoes. Keen has discontinued all production of their trail shoe line. I've been shopping around for a new one but with my Keens so perfect over the past 2 years, I've been really picky. Anything slightly wrong with a trail shoe in the store will be amplified on a slippery, wet, multi-directional technical trail. It really needs to be a perfect fit. Many in the ultra-running trail community rave about the Inov-8 shoe line. They are a British company who make a very extensive line of trail shoes. Unfortunately, the closest store that carries Inov-8s is in Dayton. After a little prodding, Vince says that the Inov-8 line should be at Vertical Runner by March 1st. Yea! I've already placed my order for a pair of RocLite 320s. The sooner these shoes get here, the better. I encourage you to check out Inov-8s website. It is very intriguing to read about the technology that goes into these they've broken the human foot down into each bone and how best to build a shoe that works in harmony with our feet. I'm really looking forward to trying them out. Greg M. already picked up a pair and I think he's wearing them this weekend at the his 38.5 mile trail race out west. I'll be curious to hear some feedback.

With the last few days with wind chills as low as -30F, a "warming" trend is heading in today. Temps are expected to rise all day and even over night and should be a balmy 20-25F at the start tomorrow. Bring out the suntan lotion! Along with the rising temps is a 100% chance of snow this evening so a fresh coat of powder should be on the trail come morning. Of course, it should be pounded down by the lead pack before I even get there. Without a doubt, tomorrow's focus is going to be to have fun and survive. Last year, I was in tip-top shape and ran the best race of my life. I'm not there this year but wouldn't miss this race no matter what. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and sharing some homemade chili at the M.D. Garage!

Happy Trails, everyone!

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