Monday, January 12, 2009

Counting the Days Until Spring...but in the meantime...

From what I hear, the snow will continue this week. Over the weekend, we have collected between 10 and 15" of snow depending on where you live here in northeast Ohio. For those of you reading this down south, count your blessings! It's been quite the weekend but seriously, it couldn't have happened at a better time. Through it all, not a single day of school has been lost due to when it hit (Friday night) so the crews on the roads have had an easier time with less traffic to fight with. Before it hit, though, I leveraged my day off and hit the trails (see last blog post) knowing I'd miss Saturday's run due to Navy commitments. Saturday comes and to my neighbors' pleasure, I fire up the snowblower at 4:30am just so I can get out of the driveway to head to Cleveland. A trip normally taking 55 minutes on dry roads took 90 minutes on nasty, snowy, slippery roads. With the snow coming in harder and heavier, we broke loose early and headed home after lunch. The roads were even worse on the way home. I was astonished how the snow piles in downtown Cleveland were literally in the MIDDLE of the road, not the sides. I guess they're more concerned with pedestrians navigating around snow then CARS in the road?! Anyway, once home, out came the snowblower once again. Snow was coming down over 1" per hour at that point. I blew out our driveway and also our elderly neighbors' home and headed in for the night. Turns out, we decided (for safety's sake), to get together via phone for Sunday's Navy muster. SWEEEETTTT! Could it be a trail run is in order in this deep DEEP powder? I shot a few e-mails/texts around and sure enough, I found myself at Lock 29 at 7:30am on Sunday. 7.5 miles in just over THAT is slow! I think the best way to describe this run is to imagine running at the beach in about 1 foot of water. You know how you have to pick your legs up high to keep moving? It was just like that but we had a great time. Vince brought out the canine members of his family and they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. The rest of the pics are here from the run. Afterwards, Rob L. and I warmed up with a few cups of coffee and breakfast at Fisher's in Peninsula.

Back home, the girls were pumped about all the snow and wanted to go sledding. In the spring and "green" months, I had been out to Towners Woods park in Ravenna and knew about this big "cereal bowl" that would be great sledding in the winter so we packed everyone up, picked up my sister-in-law and niece and headed on over. That hill was FAST! Clearly, it had been nicely packed and slicked up before us so once we crested the hill, we were off and flying. A few wipeouts, a few moments of the kids' crying (due to face-fulls of snow), but overall a really good time. Once we had been there for over an hour, the kids were all thoroughly wiped out. It's fun to sled but the flip side is that you have to walk back up that hill every time to go again. Deep snow and little legs tend to wear the young ones out pretty darn fast. For me, I took advantage of the deep snow and steep hill and got some hill work in by running up it each time. (geez....can't I ever give this running thing a rest?!?!) I shot about 47 seconds of video below. Check out my youngest daughter taking out this unsuspecting girl who didn't know she was in the sled path. Hilarious!

Afterwards, hot cocoa and much-needed naps were in order! So yea, deep snow is all around us and we could moan and groan...or, we could make the best of it all. Cherish each moment you can!

Oh yea, how could I forget about WRTR?! WRTR stands for Western Reserve Trail Running. It's a non-profit organization formed about a year ago to promote trail running in our area. After it's inaugural year last year, the kinks in the system have been poured over and worked out and a whole new race series and rules have been launched for 2009. To that end, communication was identified to be incredibly important and I was asked to be the editor of their monthly newsletter. I was given a pretty liberal creative license to do what I wanted as long as I hit on a few major items. I sent out the inaugural newsletter on Sunday morning and so far, so good! Here is the web version of the newsletter. A word of advice to many of you regarding the Race Series: if you plan on running the Fools 50K on April 5th, do not delay. I really think it going to fill up and close out early. I know many got closed out of this Sunday's BT50K due to its super fast sellout in 3 weeks. If you're a 2009 NEO Trail member (as I am), the fee is only $25! That is VERY cheap...especially since you'll get a new pair of running shorts along with the race itself. Don't delay!

And lastly: to the young man who came up to my booth at the Pufferbelly restaurant last night in Kent as I was enjoying the best sandwich on earth, the Grouper Reuben: he thanked me for posting this video on my blog so without further delay, a reprise. This video never gets old and never stops bringing on the laughs...especially if you're a Star Wars fan. Enjoy!!!

(check out this great picture of the foot bridge besides the Lock 29 parking lot and the Scenic Railroad train station in Peninsula...kinda hard to imagine everything green, isn't it? Spring will be here soon!)

Happy Trails, everyone!


Clara said...

Wow- that post was very fun-filled with tons of stuff. I can't believe you ran in that much snow- good calf muscles! I love the pic with the dog and that video of your daughter was hilarious!

Susan said...

Owen says thanks, and sorry for interrupting your dinner!