Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Navy Supply Corps Museum Tour

Day 4 here in Athens and the thermometer reads 61F right now around lunchtime. Back home, every school is closed and the snow is piling on. If I could choose, I'd take the snow and being forced to spend the day home with my girls. Those days are some of the best where we just huddle down and spend good quality time together.

I had some free time today so I stopped by the U.S. Navy's Supply Corps Museum here in Athens, GA. As a new Supply Corps officer, it was a surreal experience to walk through the museum and look at the history of the Corps. Dating back to the origins of the Navy, the Supply Corps has a rich heritage. For most of you unfamiliar with the Supply Corps or what a Supply Corps officer might do, think of us this way: we're heavy into logistics and getting things from here to there, food service, financial, fuel, weapons, retail, and supply chain management. The Navy has many different staff corps like medical, dental, JAG (attorneys), engineers, etc. The Supply Corps is but one of the many. As you can see from what we do, our hands are in everything and impact everyone. In today's new climate (post 9/11) and the War on Terror, Supply Officers have taken a front seat. We are now in high demand in leadership positions to support the War on Terror and also are individually inserted into Army and Marine Corps units to replace their Supply Corps Officers...since they are stretched so thin. Once I graduate from this school in March 2010, that is where my destiny lies unless a major shift happens regarding the multiple wars currently taking place. (no, I do not spend the next 14 months down here. 2 weeks now, 4 days in July, and a final 2 weeks next between is correspondence-like work with multiple tests)

Anyway, the museum was pretty cool. I took a few pics and posted them here. One really jaw-dropping pic was the one I took of the $760,000,000.00 check from Saudi Arabian government to the United States for our services during Operation Desert Storm...the first gulf war. Ever seen a check with this many zeros?
On the running front, I got lost again in Athens yesterday morning but ended up getting 11 miles in once I found my way back. I'm finding out quickly that with not much to do down here in Athens that I can get a bunch of miles in. I'm not really aiming at anything but if I can afford the time to hit the pavement, why not? Right?! I'm really looking forward to this Saturday. I'm meeting up with Christian and we're hitting the trails down here for 4-6 hours. Weather is looking like full sun and temps in the low 50s so it should be a great time. There are a few National Forests down here but I'm not sure where we're heading yet.

Also on the running front is the ax falling on the Akron Marathon...for me, at least. I've run it twice and I really do like it. After "seriously" running it in 2007 with a strong 3:33 finish, I paced Karen S. last year and was considering running it again this year with my brother for his first marathon. Well, since he has now signed up for Flying Pig in May for his first and Akron has DROPPED the free Brooks shoes promotion, I'm changing those plans. My road shoes are primarily Brooks so I thought I'd run it for the free shoes but now it's a free jacket. How much you wanna bet it's the same jacket that we got at the Winter BT50K?! Anyway, I'm shopping again for my Fall 2009/post-Burning River 100 schedule. One consideration is the inaugural Bobcat Trail Marathon down in Athens, OH near Ohio University. Vince Rucci from Vertical Runner is the co-race director. It's being held on Sunday, November 8th. Whatever I do, I want it to be new...I'd love a new 50K or 50 miler in the fall months. But, no need to plan the fall now...much needs to happen between now and then...namely one kettle and one buckle.

Happy Trails, everyone!

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Sensationally Red said...

Sounds like you're having a nice time. Could really appreciate how you're enjoying the "alone" time--I really think many bloggers are introverted extroverts. Maybe you are like this? It's my story and I'm sticking to it, even though people laugh at me when I tell them this. Yeah...still going to do Akron...wasn't crazy about Brooks shoes, anyway. I sold my coupon through. It was nice to recoup some of the cost of the race. Enjoy your trip. Very jealous of the warm weather!