Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration 2009 - History Happening Around Us

While I seek to remain politically neutral in the blogosphere, I will admit that regardless of your political leanings, policy views, or what party you are registered with, if you don't feel some patriotism today, you must be numb. I have heard from many who are anti-Obama remain hateful and wish the worst for him. However, how can you, as an American, ever wish your president to be a failure, regardless of your party of choice? While I may have some fundamental differences with my new Commander-in-Chief, I still wish him the very best. I will pray for him, his family, those he surrounds himself with, and our nation that he leads. It has been inspiring to see how he has motivated and engaged the American public. I love how he is doing his best to be very inclusive of everyone, from every faith, of every color, and from each party. As he takes the oath on President Lincoln's Bible, I will watch with hope that he is successful as our 44th president and 1st president of color. A historic moment, day, and time in our country.

This "feeling" of the inauguration also compels me to again think about him more than just a president, but as my Commander-in-Chief. While the news of two wars going on is back-page news these days, he is inheriting them and now directs the lives of thousands and thousands of soldiers, sailors, and Marines who have also taken an oath to support, defend, and uphold the Constitution of the United States. Those are enormous shoes to fill and I hope he surrounds himself with leaders filled with wisdom who can guide him as very difficult choices will confront him that will impact countless lives of American military families. As a reservist bound for the Middle East in the future, I do not believe he will begin a massive withdrawal of troops. The drawdown is already in motion in Iraq but Afghanistan is getting worse and worse and much of the strength in Iraq will simply be shifted next door to Afghanistan. He's never said we'd be decreasing our presence there and I don't believe we will in the foreseeable future. That's where the rubber meets the road for me personally. Most of my "kind" (Navy Supply Officers) graduate from training with immediate orders to support the Global War on Terror. Most of us are trained in combat skills with the Army and inserted into an Army or Marine unit as their Supply Officer...one that handles everything from food, weapons, logistics, parts, etc. As the Army and Marine Corps supply officers are stretched thin, they insert Navy supply officers to fill the void. That's the part I will play. Knowing the day is coming, we talk about it often as a family and go into it eyes-wide-open. I simply ask you this: remember those who serve and don't only remember on the patriotic holidays or only fly your flag on those days, but remember them and show your support every day. Your patriotism should not be a fad, but a way of life in this great country. Below, I've shared a video with you that wraps up so much. It's not a morbid video but is a video and song of reality. It essentially brings front-and-center what is most important in each of our lives. Be warned: even the strongest of you may run for the tissue on this one. I know it tugs at me every time I see it or hear it.

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