Friday, August 9, 2013

14 Miles and a new 50K

Day 6 of the challenge arrived around 4am this morning. 10% chance of rain, 68F, and the patio dry. Espresso brewed, e-mail checked and a few replies sent, dishwasher emptied and it was about time to head out. Indoor water parks have those big buckets high up that collect water then all of a sudden, dump it to the kids below in one big splash. Much like that, I heard the sound of crashing water on the rooftop as if a bucket had just been dumped above. I smiled. Some may head back to bed but there was no way I was going to miss this soaking. Minimal attire on (my Pure Flows, my favorite Rogue III shorts and that's it), lots of BodyGlide and out the door I went. Even the iPhone stayed behind. By 50 yards in, I was soaked. I had some time so 10 miles was the plan. I figured that I was at 56 miles for the challenge and 10 would help prep me for a long run in the next few days and I "should" reach my goal. I ran strong today...probably averaging 8:30 per mile or faster. As I went, the rain came down and never stopped. Dark, soaked, and running, I really was. I was also glad I didn't wear more as chaffing and heavy clothes would've been wearing me down. I also wanted more so I doubled up a few sections where I knew the 1/2 mile increments and by the time I got home, I racked up another 14 miles and brought myself to 70 miles in 6 days...with 30 miles to go over the next 4 days...minimum. :-) I did lunges all the way up the driveway and called it a day. I felt incredbly good which defies logic but it's true. Just like in the first 7-day challenge, I'm getting stronger, faster, and recovering quick in the second half. Awesome.

Researched before I left, I was ready to pitch my "race desire" for January 2014: the Frozen Sasquatch Trail 50K outside of Charleston, WV in a state forest. It's another event organized by the West Virginia Mountain Trail Runners who did the Highlands Sky 40 back in June that I did and are doing the Trilogy I'm going to (gulp!) in two months. Two 25K loops...and yes, a 25K is offered. It's got a great finishing award. Check out the website if you want to dig into what that is.
A little over 3 hours from home makes it easy and some good hotel options made it even better. Looking at the whole picture and how my family (like many others) go stir crazy in the middle of winter, this whole thing looks like a great family getaway. Dad runs Saturday morning and the girls can swim! Plus, we can relax Saturday night and check out the WV capitol before lazily returning home on Sunday. I pitched it to my wife and by early afternoon, the hotel was booked and race registered for. This race sells out every year at 200 runners. I asked a few friends who know about it and I couldn't find any negatives about it. Last year, it was 40F and the year prior, it was 14F with 6" of snow. SO....perfect for me! The winter is certainly my strong season when it comes to racing.

Time for the weekend!

Run Happy, friends!

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