Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Miscellaneous Tuesday Musings

If I was a person hung up on my mileage every day/week/month, I'd be in a funk right now. After last Thursday's 14 miler over the muddy Buckeye Trail, I didn't lace up again until yesterday. Friday morning brought ice. I nearly hit the concrete hard simply rolling my trash can to the street early Friday morning due to the sleet overnight. Given that my route is very rural and I normally beat the salt trucks out there, I decided to stay in, knowing full well that the weekend would not offer up the chance to run at all.
It was a great weekend, too. In the very wee hours on Saturday morning, I began my 3hr trek to Columbus for the Navy yet again. This time, I went prepared with coffee as the sleepiness typically hits me halfway there. Unfortunately, it wasn't the sleepiness on Saturday that hit me but instead, white-out conditions as the snow came dumping down. By the time I got close to my destination, it ended and the roads were dry and sun was rising. This was my first weekend at the helm of my Navy Reserve unit. With about 30 sailors and airmen, it's a new and rewarding challenge to step into a more prominent leadership role. On Saturday night, I went and saw the Oscar's "Best Picture" from last weekend: Argo. I didn't know about this movie and while it was interesting and historical, I left giving a max 2 out of 4 stars. Best Picture, eh? Les Miserables, Silver Linings Playbook, Django Unchained...all much better than Argo. But, considering that the Academy is traditionally a very liberal organization and this movie centered around the Jimmy Carter administration and Ben Affleck was the director and star, it was absolutely no surprise that Argo got Best Picture. Was it? No way. Not even close! But, the golden statue went to them because of reasons not related to quality but instead, their political positionings. Oh well. Great story, regardless, thanks to the declassification of it by President Clinton a few years back. Sunday morning didn't bring forth a run, either. I stay in an area not too kind to running and honestly, I'll take the day off and more sleep before I hit the hotel dreadmill. No thank you!
Yesterday, though, I was blessed and was again today. Both days had temperatures in the upper teens, no wind, millions of stars in the sky and a bright moon. Yesterday, I couldn't shake the word "Majestic." It truly was. I also had an old-school hymn trapped in my brain that included that word, too. It WAS majestic, though...as was today. Today as I was running over the hills, looking down at my shadow on the road, thanks to Mr. Moon, and then looking up above at the constellations, I simply wished that EVERYONE could see this! I can't even adequately describe it. Absolute awe is the best description. As the horizon presented just a hint of first light before I got home, I felt so thankful to be witness to the majesty all around. While enjoying my two hard eggs on toast covered with goat cheese a little bit later with my wife, I said "Looking at that, how could there NOT be a God?! Seriously! How can people think that "BAM!!!" and it was all just there. Nothing that amazing and brilliant could be made from man nor be an accident." So yea...I took three days off but I've had a few days of really great miles. I did have a glimpse of sadness post-run today. I'm pretty sure my Brooks Pure Flow 2's are done. I got them around December 1st but didn't start tracking miles on them until January 1st. Since then, I have 236 miles on them so most likely, I've got 300-350 total on them. Being a minimal shoe and NOT a small guy, this is really good but my knees were telling me "Your shoes are done" this morning. Luckily a fancy pair of Cleveland Browns orange Pure Flow 2's are in the basement waiting...with zero miles on them. :-)
The dancing is going well, by the way. We are one week in to our six week ballroom dancing class. For each six week session, the instructor covers one style and we just danced our way into the Tango! Since last Wednesday, we've been practicing all throughout the house to the Tango Pandora channel online. The girls love to watch and we love to dance, practicing all three moves we learned last week. Honestly, the practice in between lessons is where the pure joy happens. So tell me: why did we wait 20+ years to do this? Regardless, I'm thankful for it today! I can easily see this continuing past the initial six weeks.
Oh yea, I made an impulse purchase over the weekend: my 4th Buckeye Trail 50K to be held in July. It was also my first ultramarathon back in 2007. Call it peer pressure, a craving to return to my roots, or whatever. Bottom Line: I'm in.
Have a great week, everyone!

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