Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Needed a Screwdriver

A few weeks ago, I was backing out of my garage and clearly, I wasn't paying attention, as I got a tad bit too close to the wall and clipped my outside mirror. It's a foldable mirror but I did not provide nearly enough room for that folding action to even begin. Spring ahead 2 weeks to yesterday, and the parts arrived. Removing a little access cover on the bottom revealed that I need a phillips screwdriver but a super-duper short one since it's so close to the body of the car. I don't own such a tool.

So today, I have the day off. Since I: 1) really wanted to sleep in, 2) didn't want to wake up to an alarm, 3) wanted to see both of my kids off to school, and 4) wanted to spend some time with my wife before she headed to a meeting and work. Making it to the trails of the national park really wasn't feasible given the travel time and getting back in time for my girls. Enter multi-tasking: I need a screwdriver. I need/want to run. I guess I could just run to the store...the long way, right?

My wife left for the day, the clock was approaching 10am and I decided to load up one bottle of Heed, my military ID (in case I get whacked alongside the road), my debit card, some cash and my iPhone, too. And that was that. I took the long way, went through 3 townships and 2 cities and got my screwdriver...actually two screwdrivers. They came in packs of two and put me back a whole $1.90. The day was sunny to partly cloudy, breezy, and low 30s. Really not too bad and nice to run in daylight vs. my normal run time. I can't get this one man out of my head. It was around 7 miles and he was pushing an old rusty bike up the hill. I'd say with great confidence that he's homeless. On the outside was a black and red plaid shirt which I bet was one of 4 to 5 layers. Old boots, ragged pants, and hair and a beard that had gone quite awhile since being trimmed or washed. His skin was like leather. I shouted a "Good morning!" and he nodded to me. I didn't feel I should stop or do anything, but I thought about him for quite awhile. I'd love to hear his story and buy him a hot cup of coffee. I wonder how many look the other way when they see him...or smell him. Regardless, my heart kinda ached for him today and perhaps it shouldn't...but it did.

So yea, I got my screwdriver and even burned over 3000 calories. Not too shabby a day off. Oh yea, if you're a Facebook friend, I temporarily suspended my account around mile 12 today. I need a break. I'll be back.

Run Happy, friends.

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