Monday, March 11, 2013

M-Cubed for 3.11.2013

Monday Morning Musings for March Eleventh, Two Thousand Thirteen.

- Beautiful Spring-like weekend in the books. Temps in the 50s on Saturday followed by the low 60s yesterday.

- Saturday, after we slept in, we walked for a few miles along the Cuyahoga River in Kent on the new section of the Portage Bike & Hike. (new blog header from that walk..and the sunshine) Gorgeous area to walk along. Quiet, lots of wildlife, herons, deer, ducks, etc. grace the area. We enjoyed lunch downtown afterwards along with a stop at my favorite popcorn shop, Popped! I'm a huge fan of their "Firehouse Caramel" so of course, I picked up a bag.
Portage Bike & Hike...before Spring springs
- The stars aligned and our afternoon together spilled into night and we were able to grab a movie for some alone-time on the couch. We watched the newly-released "The Words" with Bradley Cooper. I won't dare ruin it for you, only to say that we loved it. It's not inappropriate for kids but I'm not too sure kids would like it. It's the perfect date nite movie. We picked it up at the local Redbox. Actually, I did a lazy, afternoon 11.4 miler and picked it up on the way that's multi-tasking!

Black Dog Acres raw honey
-  Saturday, before we headed onto the Bike & Hike, we first hit up Kent's Haymaker Farmers Market. Soon, we'll be going to the market underneath the bridge again but for now, it's still inside. I had just run out of raw honey that I use to sweeten my morning stovetop espresso every morning so I picked some up. Raw and local.

- It's's extremely mild outside...yet, the desire to run today is absent. I hope this isn't setting me up for a rough day but after 4 days straight and 5 runs, I want a break. Just watch, winter will arrive tomorrow just to remind me the Spring equinox has not yet arrived!

- I anticipate today being a bit different than other days in my office. I work for the federal government and in my city, a tragedy happened yesterday morning. Around 6:50am, a 1998 Honda Passport, which seats 5, had 8 teenagers in it from ages 14-19. As it went around a corner just south of my office, it went over the guardrail and into a swamp on its roof. Given how they were jammed in there, I'm assuming no seat-belts were being worn. 2 escaped when it hit the water and 6 died. All were current students in the city except for the lone 19-year old who is a graduate of the local high school. Please keep the families and the community in your prayers. Given the large number of deaths, I'm sure someone in my office is connected to this tragedy. Details are coming out often on the local newspaper's website here.

- T-2 weeks till my next 50K...the Buzzard 50K. It'll be in a section of the Cleveland MetroParks that I've never been to. It's also the inaugural year for the event and being run by local ultra-running veterans. I'm really looking forward to it. That's on the 23rd, Easter is the next weekend and then it'll be April. Geez, time is flying! April is going to be a big running month, too. I have my 40th birthday which I'm debating on whether or not to do 40 miles that day (I took a vacation day just in case!), then my 27th marathon 4 days later followed by another 50K a week after that. A few things are for sure: I'd better take care of myself, eat right, rest right, and be smart. Or else...  I won't be running much afterwards. I'm considering running 40 kilometers instead of 40 miles on my birthday, actually. I have that big mountain 40-miler in June and kinda want to save those miles for my focal race of the year. 40K is about 24.8 miles so it'll still be a good calorie burn and great way to soak in the aromas and sights of Spring...and allow plenty of time for socializing along the way.

- My most favorite musical release is tomorrow! Each January, a HUGE gathering happens in Atlanta, GA called "Passion." It's thousands upon thousands of teens and early 20-somethings who meet for a few days of worship, connection, and to be ministered to. At Passion comes forth an album about this time each year from the event. This year's will have 15 tracks and most are 5min or longer, along with 5 videos. I often remember Passion 2011 as my soundtrack from Afghanistan. I ran around my base so many times to that soundtrack. Every year's album is awesome and I go back to them at least once a week. They are also perfect for the first few hours of work, especially on Mondays, when I need to keep my head screwed on straight and keep my eyes upward. If you want to check it out, just search for "Passion 2013" on iTunes.

- A few deep thoughts as you and I begin the week: We are only responsible for our own actions. We can't control the actions of others. They do what they do and often times, it makes no sense to us. Sometimes it hurts, too, and we struggle with the "why?". Truth is, we may never know. We just need to stay true to who we are, stand up and walk tall in the truth of what we believe, and remember to always treat others as we would like to be treated. None of this comes natural to us. We have to commit to it and choose the high road, no matter what. So when you lie down at night next to your loved one or kiss them goodbye this morning, be thankful for what you have and regret nothing today. Live life to its fullest but do it selflessly and choose to bless someone today...somehow. It's not about you. It's not about me. It's about the legacy we'll leave behind us and the lives we can impact while here. Think about those 6 kids who lost their lives. No warning. No final goodbyes. Life snuffed out in an instant. Chin up, friends. Make today great!

Have a great week, everyone.

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