Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Almost Turned Around

It was 4:32am, the temperature 30 degrees and unlike 30 minutes earlier, a heavy snowfall was coming down. Wet, fat flakes clinging to every hair on my face and diving into my eyes. A strong wind had also begun. Inside, I nearly turned around not even a hundred yards from my front door with only a goal to crawl back into my bed beside my one-and-only. But I didn't. I ran.

This has been a week to forget so far. It's been rotten and little has gone like "I" want it to. There are few constants that I can rely on and the run is one of them. This morning's run was very intentionally slow. I struggled to keep my thoughts upward and kept falling back into the happenings of the week. As I crossed small bridges over creeks, they were 100% covered in snow and my footprints were the first to disturb the crystal-white coating. Little did I know, though...the snow had stopped. I hadn't even realized it.

Upon climbing the final hill to home to round out an even 7 miles, I looked up into the sky. Not a flake and not even a cloud. No. What I saw was a clear sky full of millions of stars. Absolute brilliance. So beautiful. So as I headed out today, I could barely see where I was going but I could feel so much...but I kept running. Because I did...because I didn't quit...because I didn't give up...I was blessed with clarity, with brilliance, with beauty.

"Thank you, Lord. Thank you for hearing me this morning and showing me just one more glimpse of You. Lead me...and I promise, I will follow."

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