Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We Get 24 Hours

When I tell my wife, especially after a run: "I was thinking....", she knows something is coming. Well, I was thinking this morning on my 1F windchill, 7 miler...

Our schedule and how we live each day speaks loud and clear about what is truly important to us and where our priorities are, much like a close examination of our checkbook does. To think about: what does your schedule say about you? What does mine say about me? I didn't say what would others say, but if your schedule could speak (which is does, in fact), what would it say?

Morning devotions vs. Facebook feed overnight catch-up
Running widow at home vs. running schedule that doesn't sacrifice family
Family game time vs. each doing their own thing at night
Out with the guys/girls vs. at home with your significant other
Working tons of overtime vs. making adjustments in your lifestyle/spending
Blessing others with your time vs. selfish pursuits
Staying up late to watch TV vs. going to bed with your spouse
Encouraging others vs. gossiping about others
Loving your kids vs. loving your job
Traveling excessively vs. being home and present
Texting and artificial communication vs. face-to-face genuine communication
Sitcoms and reality shows vs. enriching family movie time
Video games vs. reading a good book
Praying with your kids at night vs. saying goodnight as they walk to bed
Putting the iPhone/iPod/iPad down vs. being an iZombie family
Holding hands and looking at each other vs. sitting and walking in silence
Sports, sports, sports vs. everything in moderation

We all get 24 hours in a day. How are you spending yours and what is yours saying about you without you saying a word? Live for today and for others. We have no assurance that tomorrow will ever come.

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