Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stepping Up Report

Over 1,000 events like the one I had yesterday were held throughout the country on Super Saturday, the day before the Super Bowl just over a week ago. For me, I spent Super Bowl Weekend in uniform so couldn't host Stepping Up on the intended weekend. From a few men in homes to several hundred in churches, anyone or organization could host it. I have a real heart and passion for families and with the degrading of men in this country, I had to support this and host one. Stepping Up is about returning to the root of what men are intended to lead courageously. Courage. Ah heck...what is courage?!

My own personal day began with an early 10 miler around home. With men starting to show up around 8am and still some final preps needing done, I hit the road early and was back home in time to shower and get ready. Fortunately for all 10 men, my wife prepared homemade pulled chicken BBQ in the crock pot along with a nice spread of snacks and always-brewed coffee. The men who responded to the invitation of spending the morning and early afternoon in my home were from the running community, my new church family, and connections to a fellow runner and a few of his friends. All sorts of backgrounds were represented as well along with all kinds of varying beliefs and experiences. I had prayed a lot about this day and that men would be reached and encouraged to step up for their families and LEAD.

The Stepping Up event is video driven. FamilyLife out of Little Rock, AR made it and it's a variety of theatrical segments, well-known male speakers talking on varying subjects and short periods of answering questions and sharing within the group. Luckily, no teaching was required by me and I could participate just like everyone else. We covered everything from what the culture has turned men into, what men are truly called to do, the roadblocks that exist in our life like porn, sexual immorality, and substance abuse and ways to move ahead and lead our families.

Courage: it's doing the right matter what, even at great personal cost. Being courageous does not mean being unafraid. Actually, a man who says they're never afraid is a liar. We are human beings and humans are afraid. It's standing up in the face of fear and opposition and doing what has to be matter what. That's courage. I liken it to taking the Oath of Office that I've taken as a Naval Officer more than once and a few times as an enlisted sailor in the 90s. I swore to defend the Constitution of the United States...even to the death. That's courage. In a country that has feminized men over the last several decades, it really is time to return to the family where it all begins and start there. In fact, it is my belief that the many problems we see in politics all stem from the home where it begins. We are breeding, as a whole, weak and passive men...little boys hiding in the shadows of their wives, children, and jobs. I love the one way that I heard the definition of a man in today's culture...the three "B's": Billfold, Ball Field, and Bedroom. How much money you make, your physical self in sports, etc., and how well you perform in the bedroom. Sad, isn't it?

I'm very thankful for the day. I was expecting 3-5 men and ended up with 10...which is all my living room could handle. I invited 8 times that many but most men simply ignored it. I do hope that the men that responded take home what they heard and learned and apply it to their lives...starting now. I'm really sick and tired of sitting on the sidelines which is why I hosted it. Men have GOT to step up and be MEN. BRAVE men. COURAGEOUS men. Men who will sacrificially love and protect their wives and children...and lead them. For me, I will remain a work-in-progress for as long as I breathe air. I have a "tool belt" and days like this are but one more tool to keep doing the very best I can.

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