Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snowflakes Unseen

You know how they say that if you do something often enough, it'll become routine? Not too many days ago, I adjusted my alarm from 3:20am to 3:10am in order to give myself a little more "cushion" in my morning so as to not get to work too late and still get in my morning routine to include a solid 6 or 7 miler. Well, my body has certainly figured it out as today, I woke up before the alarm...3am to be exact and ready to rock-n-roll. I've been waking up a few minutes before the alarm over the last few days, too. So no excuse to not run, I'd say. Looking outside, a fresh coating of powder had fallen overnight and it was "falling" vs. being "blown" to the ground....ahhh...a nice, snowy run to be had.
It was 19F, a very slight breeze, and I covered up well. I wore my "buff" that I got at the Run for Regis 50K for the first time today...similar to the buffs made popular on CBS' "Survivor" reality show. I loved it. Super thin and it covered more skin on my face than normal yet still let me breathe normally. A few miles in, I did lower it to below my chin since I was plenty warmed up. The run was awesome. Snow plows had not yet plowed nor had any cars/trucks driven over my hilly, country route. There is something very cool and special about laying down the first tracks in the snow after a fresh snowfall. Along with that, I never wear a headlamp and instead let my eyes adjust to the dark and do my best to avoid potholes and roadkill. So throughout the run which was extremely quiet, except for my footfalls, I could feel each flake touch my face..some in my eyes, some sticking to my eyelashes, brows, or flying straight into my mouth. Each one unique, cold, pure, white, and unseen. I kept thinking about if I would illuminate the space in front of me and all around me, how beautiful it would be. I could feel that I was walking through a fairly consistent and thick snowfall yet saw nothing. As with most runs anymore, a parallel quickly presented itself: how often is beauty, peace, and good surrounding us yet we don't see or nor acknowledge it? Instead, we choose to see the defeated enemy and live in that darkness. As I let that sink in...running through absolute majesty yet seeing none of it, I thought about how truly blessed I am to have the Unseen that promises peace, protection, guidance, answers, and strength all around me every day...if only I would choose to "see" it.
In the beginning, we were given a choice. We chose selfishly.
Just like in the Garden, we choose today...and every day. May we choose to seek righteousness, goodness, and the light to stand in vs. sorrow, defeatedness, and darkness to drown in. Like the snowflakes that were not seen but were all around this morning, so is the Light. Always there, always shining, always waiting.

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