Sunday, February 17, 2013

Musings from today's Sunday 10

Proof of today's run (Pure Flow 2)
15F, 6F windchill, 2 to 3 inches overnight
The world is sleeping, furnaces churning
Awake, I am, craving what waits outside
Espresso is brewed, body is awakened, shoes are tied

Fresh, crystal-like powder
Every footfall a new mark
I was right, no one is awake
Not even a hint of life to be found

I head out into the country
The same route I take every day
The leaf-less trees all around me
Weighted down by pom-poms of snow

15F and birds singing, I was really surprised
Even they know that Spring is coming and are already awake
To greet the day, to eagerly greet the sun beginning to peek
Over the horizon, still gray over the landscape

I couldn't hear my footfalls, I was bundled up under layers
My breathing, no more, but still heard those birds
Past farms, chimneys with smoke
Creeks with flowing water and a church still dark

I have come to love the 10 miler
It's mine and no one ever joins me
If time were no issue, it would be mine every day
So much time, so many decisions to make, so many thoughts to have

For as long as I am able, I will run and keep running
It is mine and no one can take it away
Man was meant to experience the world
For me, it is a raw and untouched way to do so

Treadmills, gyms, I cannot even fathom
Why so many spend hours and hours inside
It's just not for me, I want to breathe the fresh air
To see the landscape, to watch the sun rise, to hear the birds sing

I loved watching the hawk soar overhead near the end of my run
Dark above and snow-white beneath
It soared uninhibited with a view of the earth and snow beneath
Majestic, beautiful, and an example of why I run and the freedom it brings

With each day that presents itself, I am but one man
I'm entrusted to care for those closest to me, but ultimately it's just me
With every step, every word, and every action I take
The future is shaped and lives impacted

So to you, the 10 mile run, I am thankful for you
I long to meet you again, and I wish others could experience this
The world awakening, His majesty shown down upon me
To live, to run, to bask in the greatness of a Sunday morning 10.

My #1 picture spot year round
P.S. To you, Mrs. Smith, waving from your living room still in your nightgown. It was great to wave at you again today and bring you your Sunday paper. You are a reminder of a childhood I have mostly forgotten and a reminder of someone who positively impacted my life as a young boy with little direction. That chance meeting this morning was a blessing to thank you.

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