Monday, January 21, 2013

Have You Signed Up For Your 401K?

Ever seen the following Dilbert comic from 2001?
It was this simple strip that spurred a few fellow runners to open up a run 401K...or 249.2 miles between February 1st and April 1, 2013. No registration, no fee, just a challenge to get out there, run the miles and meet a goal. Of course, I love free things and running goals so I immediately jumped onboard. I also created a tracking spreadsheet for everyone to log their miles daily and watch them grow. The participation so far is looking good and has folks from all over the country. I invited my fellow sponsored Brooks runners, too. So whether or not you think you can do it, why not jump on board and have some fun with it? Below are the links to the event and to the event tracker that I created. I hope it keeps you motivated (and accountable) as we push through the cold season and on into Spring.

Run Happy!

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