Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Planning

I once was a person of race schedules and master plans. I once logged every mile and the time/pace associated with it. I once cared...about the logistics of it all. Today, I care about the run and just getting out there. I love to pin on a bib number, no doubt. I almost enjoy more, though, a race that isn't a race, like an informal 50K that friends get together and simply run just to run. Heck, this past Columbus Day, I woke up and felt like running a I did. I ran from my home, used the Sheetz gas station as my refueling point, took lots of photos along the way, and got back to my house just in time for my kids getting off of the school bus. That was fun...and it brought joy! Running is so much more than bib numbers and finish lines.

So for 2013, I do have some races on the calendar but I've been very picky thus far. This Sunday is the 9th Annual Run for Regis 50K and Half Marathon. It's a race that I've been very intimately involved with over the past few years and even ran the registration for the 2012 event from my humble abode in Afghanistan. This year, I did the same plus ran all of the communication and social media stuff. A few days ago, I decided I'd actually run it. We've had lots of snow and freezing temps for some time now but we're in the middle of a massive warming trend with rain so it's all turning to muck. Sunday will be a major swamp run, for sure, and shorts will be a plenty, no doubt. Regis has had it all over the years with weather and this year is no different. So, that'll be my first ultra/race of the year.

Another race I'm heavily considering and would like to decide by Monday when the price goes up is the inaugural Buzzard 50K in the Hinckley Reservation in the Cleveland MetroParks. It's four 8-mile loops. Here's the link. It's being run by some very accomplished ultra folk and being backed by Vertical Runner so I have no doubt in it's ability to pull off a stellar first year. I'd say there's a 75% chance I'll pull the trigger on this one.

In April, I'm already registered for the 2nd Annual On My Own Two Feet Marathon in Kent. The race director is a good friend of mine who started this to raise money for local survivors of domestic violence. It did a LOT for the cause in 2012 so I wanted to be sure to jump on this in 2013. I ran the half marathon in 2012 but will go the whole 26.2 this April. Registration is OPEN here!

One week after OMO2F, I'm heading down onto the trails of Mohican State Park for the Forget the PR 50K which is sold out. Many find it shocking that I've never set foot on a trail within that park but I haven't. The famed Mohican 100 is held there and other races but I've just never made it down. I do drive by the exit each month as I head to my military drill..does that count? Anyway, that'll be another 50K for 2013. Forget the PR 50K.

After that, I'm still on the fence for the 2nd running of the Run Between the Suns 12 Hour race in Pennsylvania. I ran it last year and stopped quite early. There are multiple factors playing into whether I want to run again or not. It's on the radar but no decision made. I almost registered a month ago but stopped short of completing that. Now I'm not sure. Run Between the Suns. If nothing else, I want another painted rock!!!! That may be enough to draw me in...we shall see.

Moving into the summer and early Fall, it's very much up in the air. I am finding that many of my desired races are falling smack dab on top of my military duties. I'm still keeping an eye out, but I don't see a whole lot of official finish lines over the summer. A 100-miler is still on my to-do list again, but again...I'm on the fence and lookout for that. As for late summer/early Fall, I'll once again be running the Akron Half Marathon with my wife. We registered the day after the 2012 event. :-)

So that's about it for now. There will be more, I'm sure, and more totally unplanned, wake-up-and-do-em kind of marathons and 50Ks, I'm sure. I'm currently on a pretty good trajectory for trimming down a bit, getting back into good endurance shape and eating much better. It helps that my bride of 20+ years is currently on a 40-day fruits and vegetable-only "diet." She is making some amazing new foods, all from scratch and I get to be the sideline beneficiary of it all. Check out this homemade wheat crust pizza from last night. Homemade wheat crust, homemade sauce, roma tomatoes, chopped green and yellow peppers, fresh spinach, and onions. A M A Z I N G !!!!!!! So good.
You could eat the screen, eh? I know. It was THAT good, too.

Have a great day!

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