Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013...and we're back

"Life, Running, Serving My Country..." a great mantra/tag line when I began this blog years ago. Today, it's still relevant even though much has happened since I first entered the blogosphere. Today, the first day of 2013, I'd like to fire this baby back up again. I have enough in my head for a week's worth of posts but being that it's the first of the year, I'd like to share a few thoughts on the categorical parts of my life and where I see them ending, continuing, or perhaps beginning.

1. Writing: I do love to write and even when I am trying to best convey my deepest of feelings, writing them seems to work best for me. Unfortunately, I can only control how these messages are delivered and not how they are received? Know what I mean? Sometimes, I have the best of intentions and bare my soul only to have it totally misinterpreted. The flood of "i-Devices" (as we call them in our home) only makes this worse. With that said, I really miss writing here. My goal going forward is to share my raw thoughts with you from running to my spiritual walk to family this and that...unfiltered yet always protecting the "innocent" around me. :-) Not necessarily politically correct but my thoughts. If but only one person can relate and be impacted in a positive way, then it makes it all worth it. I hope you come back for the continued journey.

2. Running: Oh how running has changed for me. Jump back 4 years: 2009 was the year of the 100-miler(s). Yea...3 of them. Training runs, training calendars, and a life wrapped around it all. Garmin-tracked runs, logs, shelves of shoes with National Park mud caked on, and 3 finishes for history to record. Today, it's totally different. I never wear a Garmin unless I'm heading out on a multi-hour road or trail run with no real direction and I simply want to know how far I've gone. Other than that, I know the distances all over the area in which I live and on the trails where I hardly make it to. I couldn't care less about my pace, etc. etc. etc. What I DO care about is running and enjoying every last step. Period. For goals this year, I will start logging my mileage again, more for accountability if nothing else. For races, I'm signed up for...wait for it....ONE race. Forget the PR 50K this Spring down in Mohican State Park in north/central Ohio. Oh wait...I'm also running the On My Own Two Feet Marathon in Kent, OH. Can't forget that one! Other than that, I'm happy to say that Brooks Running picked me up for a 4th consecutive year in sponsorship. I definitely want to do more to promote the brand, no doubt. I would also like to lead group runs again...just need to live a bit closer to the park...working on that!
From this morning's 10 mile New Year's Run. "So THIS is how I die?!?!? At least I was Running Happy!!!" (looks pretty close, eh?!)

3. Minimalist vs. Materialist: I'm not talking about minimalist running here, although my #1 shoe right now is the minimal Brooks Pure Flow 2. I'm talking about stuff...ie: crap. You know...all the stuff that surrounds you/me that we just don't need. I'm so sick of it all. With nearly 40 years on this earth and over 20 years of marriage now, our home has lots of it but we are determined to rid ourselves of much of it. eBay, CraigsList, donations, etc. .... it must go. 

What I OWN does not define who I AM.

4. Joy: Someone close told me that I don't have much joy...that I appear to be weighted down. I invited the question but didn't see it coming. It instantly forced me to look inside...to look at myself in the mirror and examine that. "It's true. I don't have joy," I replied about an hour later. Joy...where do I find it? I know the answer...only He provides the kind of joy that can spill out from me onto others. This is an area that I need help in and it'll be at the forefront of my prayers. That's not selfish, either...as it impacts those closest to me and in nearly interaction I have. Ironically, as I thought about this on my 10 miler this morning, I passed a house over this one hill and here's what I saw. Ironic? Coincidence? I think not. :-)

We saw Les Miserables last night. You can expect an upcoming review on that movie. It conjured up so much discussion afterwards. What a POWERFUL movie and story. I never saw it/read it prior to walking in the theater and I'm glad I hadn't. I absolutely loved it and even me...big tough guy...shed some tears near the end. That whole thing about selfless love poured out on others gets me every time. I've lived it...so when I see it, it goes to the core. Please go see it (but leave your kids at home....not for the little ones).

Happy New Year, everyone. Run Happy (and leave the Garmin at home)!


Laurel Hurst said...

David and I are reading Champagne for the Soul by Mike Mason about a 90 day experiment in joy...yep, we need it, too.

Tammy said...

Soooo excited to see this Blogspace up and "Running" again (pun intended!). I have missed your thoughts and wisdom. Looking forward to reading along in 2013!