Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ditch the Makeup

Waking up this morning and conducting my morning crawl through Facebook brought this photo in front of me. It conjured up something I've been wanting to say for awhile and just keep forgetting.
The logo at the bottom left is from the "I Love to Run" Facebook page...a page of daily inspiration for me and truth be told, this page asks "Did you run?" at end of each day in some way so in a strange way, it sort of gets me out the door or assists at times. :-)

My oldest daughter is of the age that she's paying attention to looks more and makeup is beginning to be applied. It doesn't help that my wife's mom sells Mary Kay cosmetics and they spend a good bit of time over there. As I began to see her apply it, my heart was breaking a little each time I saw it. In her mind, she is thinking...
"It makes me look beautiful."
After dinner one night, I brought up the subject and told her, "You ARE beautiful before you touch any of that stuff. You always have been and you always will be." I went on to ask her the last time she saw ME wear makeup and how the pictures she sees of movie and music stars are as fake as can be. "God made you to be exactly who you are. Sure, you can control how you look by what you eat and how you take care of yourself but there is no need to cover up your face to try and be something you are not and more 'beautiful.'" I had to bring up Oprah Winfrey, too. Have you ever seen her sans makeup? She looks NOTHING like what we know her to look like. Artificial, fake, a mask...that's all it is.

Over a year ago, my wife starting by ditching makeup for a month, a big deal for her. I LOVED IT. I was finally seeing her and I loved it. Nothing between her and me. I've probably worn it out, but I honestly can't stop saying...
"You are beautiful."
She is. My girls are. Just as they are. In a world, a nation that is so dang focused on what others think, status, and the outward appearance, I'm doing my very best to protect my family from that and to instill a confidence to know that they are beautiful exactly as they are...even seconds after waking up. :-) So to you reading this: if you wear it, that's your choice. But you don't have to. You are beautiful just as you are. If you want to change the outside appearance, change yourself from the inside out by how you feed it and treat it. The outside will reflect the inside.


Julie @ ROJ Running said...

It always strikes me when people find it odd not to wear makeup. I stopped in college for the most part and still don't wear it a majority of the time. When I do wear it I tend to think "that's not me" because I do look so different. Chapstick is my makeup 99% of the time. Sometimes I do the eyeliner thing for special events. My skin feels healthier too. Anyway, good for you for encouraging your children to feel good without it and your wife too

Julie @ ROJ Running said...
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