Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trails and Sushi

It's just been one of those days where everything has gone just right. We slept in then decided we really did want to be on the trails so after a couple of amazing eggs on toast, we headed to Pine Lane within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park for miles on the Buckeye Trail. I love Marjie's attitude: she simply doesn't care where or how far we're going...just as long as we're together and regardless of how muddy it gets or how many hills we crest, she won't complain. Perfect. As we hit the trail late (9:30ish), it was MUDDY. Her IT band has been giving her issues which the mud doesn't help but it was feeling OK today. We had great miles and great conversation with the occasional kiss thrown in. (running with your wife of nearly 20 years has it's benefits, ya know!) She didn't know the plan as we ran but I developed it as we progressed. The rain was holding off, it was a comfy 62F, and the clouds were heavy. Spring sure was springing, though. Daffodils and all kinds of color lined the trail. Here's one shot I grabbed on my phone as we passed by.
As we passed the 4 mile point, we continued on up the Rollercoaster Hill (yes, that means steep) and then down the Piano Keys (88 wooden steps...get it?!). Eventually, we passed Blue Hen Falls and continued to follow the water to the little-known Buttermilk Falls. It's a gorgeous cascading waterfall full of countless layers of slate. We first stood at the top of the waterfall then headed on down to the base. Here are a few photos. The first few are from the top then at the base.
Standing at the top of Buttermilk Falls (click for high res version)

Underwater in our Brooks trail shoes at the top (click for high res version)

Buttermilk Falls from the base (click for high res version)
After Buttermilk, we kept our feet submerged and followed the water behind the Boston Mills Ski Resort and emerged from the rear of their property which put us back at the Boston Store where we headed on back to Pine Lane. Thanks to a stream just before the end, we washed up then wrapped our run with 10.35 miles. It didn't really matter what we ran today...just being out there together was perfect, regardless.

Lunch...oh, yes. I think I said "You cool with me handling lunch today? My choice?" No objection by her so I headed into Hudson and to Heinen's, the local "high end" grocery store. They have a sushi chef making sushi all day. My idea was a few orders of sushi, enjoyed at the Starbucks down the street. I had a free "anything" coupon for Starbucks that I wanted to use. So after selecting our sushi and picking up a few other items, we headed on down for our venti, soy, quad mocha. I always try to ramp up the free drinks to see how close I can get to 7 bucks. Today, it was a $6.50 drink for free. It was the perfect companion to the sushi that we enjoyed on their outdoor patio.
Raw salmon and avocado
After enjoying a light lunch and caffeine, we continued the romance at Lowe's where we picked up a new garbage disposal. Ours bit it this week and since Lowe's gives military discounts at all times, we headed on in, with the intention of purchasing and getting it installed. Thank goodness I passed on the installation, though. It took me a whoppin' 20 minutes to replace it. InSinkerator sure did it right when it comes to "EASY" for the guy who can barely swing a hammer.

Tonight? It's looking good so far. :-)

Happy Trails!

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