Sunday, March 25, 2012

Impromptu 20 and "Eddie Vedder"

Picking up where I left off yesterday, the day ended up being just as perfect as it could be. After a morning on the trails (mud, water, the works!), sushi and Starbucks, and installing a new garbage disposal (I can barely swing a hammer and "I" got that done in 20min flat!), we enjoyed a great evening at a winery about 20 minutes south of us. It's become one of our favorite things to do on a Saturday night if our girls are staying at Grandma and Grandpa's. They always have live music, year-round, and great food/wine. Last night was a guy and his guitar playing lots of cover tunes....kinda sounded like Eddie Vedder. I had but one request (Jason Mraz' "I Won't Give Up") but he didn't know it. After toasting our way through Redneck Red, we ended the night with some warm strawberry rhubarb pie. What a night AND day.

Her desire for today was 5 miles but I wanted much more so I set my alarm for 4am and was on the road at 5:12am. The plan was to head out for 5 miles with her at 7:15am so my goal? 15 miles before sunrise. I bee-lined it over probably the hilliest street in my town and into the college town nearby then headed on back when it was time for the turn. I was averaging about 7:44 a mile but the return trip over those monster hills slowed me to 8:08 per mile. I did rack up a 1/2 marathon split of 1:46 which I was very happy with. Back at home at 7:15am, we headed on out on our normal course for an easy 5 while the birds sung LOUD. We even saw another bluebird along the way. The country agricultural landscape is sure getting green with lots of purple shades throughout. We did comment this morning how we run nearly the same route every single time yet we never grow tired of it. It's just so peaceful out there together.

Now for those 20 miles, they beat me up. The 20 a week ago felt really good but today, I was just pooped. I'm still happy with the 30+ since yesterday and will just relax today and keep that water intake going. My minimal Brooks PureConnects were my ride yet again today and they were great as always.  I did schedule a couples massage for a week from now after next Sunday's Fools 50K so that'll be nice.

Have a great Sunday, y'all!

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