Friday, March 23, 2012

BT50K and the Run Between the Suns

Last night at 7pm, registration opened for the 2012 Buckeye Trail 50K. I hadn't decided to do this race  until yesterday afternoon but looking back on history this morning, I'm glad I took the plunge. This year's race is on July 14th. Exactly 5 years prior on July 14, 2007, I ran my first ultra-marathon at that race. I nearly passed out on the trail...I remember the heat well. I shaved a half hour off my time in 2008, two weeks prior to my first DNF (did not finish) at the Burning River 100 where I dropped out at Mile 55. In 2009 as I swore revenge on the Burning River 100 so I did not run the BT50K to try and prevent a lack of recovery between the two events. I ended up getting my buckle at Burning River in 2009. :-) In 2010, I returned and it was a TOUGH race. I really struggled and was heavily under-trained. It was my slowest 50K ever. I did capture one photo that made it into UltraRunning Magazine, though, of local legend, Ron Ross (see below). :-) In 2011, I was a few 7000 miles away but rooted folks on from afar via Facebook. This year, I want to rekindle the memories of where it all began.
I certainly don't want to replay history, though. I want this year to be fulfilling in every other way but the finish line. Of course, I want that great finisher's medal and another 50K finish, but I want to enjoy the friends on the trail and more than anything, the trail itself and the mortal ability to accomplish the distance. It's amazing what the human body can do. I am already on track for being lighter and faster than ever so hopefully as the Spring emerges and Summer arrives, I continue that trend.

I'm also looking at another race that precedes this one two weeks prior, up in the northwest area of Pennsylvania, near the Oil Creek State Park. It's a 12 hour timed event in a park that travels a 5 mile trail over and over again for 12 hours. I've always wanted to do a 12 or 24 hour timed event where. It's a true test of managing your nutrition, pace, etc. to efficiently pass the time and miles. It's dubbed the Run Between the Suns (details here). It's a first-year event and one I'm heavily considering. It circles a lake in Two Mile Run County Park. I haven't signed up yet but leaning towards it. Early registration doesn't end until May 15th so no worries.

Outside of these two events, I don't see much else happening this summer as for race registrations. "That'll do, Pig."

Have a great weekend and Happy Trails!

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