Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm Back

Hey y'all...I'm back. As you might notice if you scroll down a bit, 2011 is basically history. All posts have been un-published with the exception of my Call to Patriotism series and post about the 7 Baby Steps to Get Out of Debt..the RTRSBM version. By the way, we did make our "Debt Free Call" LIVE on the Dave Ramsey radio show back in October 2011. We did a three-way call between Afghanistan, Ohio, and Texas where Dave was touring to promote his new book. Anyway, I'm going to give this blog a shot again and see where it leads.
Running, running, running...doing lots of it but my wife is normally with me for every last step. Today is time change Sunday and while most slept in and brewed second pots of coffee, we were on the road at 5:30am for 10 miles along with a friend and my sister-in-law. Clear skies, stars above, Mr. Moon (about 85% of him) high above but beginning to set to the west, and first light in the eastern sky as we finished up. It was a GREAT run.

Before we hit the road, though, I did some more shopping on Brooks Running. Being sponsored for my 3rd year by Brooks, I've been replenishing some of running gear and retiring some very old stuff. Goodwill, garage sale, donations...all of that is in the near future for a lot of stuff. I've become a huge fan of Brooks' Pure Project shoe line...a minimalist endeavor by Brooks which I really love. I ordered another pair of the road version I wear (the Pure Connect) and the trail shoe (Pure Grit), just different colors. The Pure Grit is my new favorite trail shoe, by a landslide. I've also been really impressed by their Rogue III shorts. They are longer than most shorts but I'm 6'2" with longer legs than others my height. They have a silky feel to them, have a pocket on each side, and have a hidden, zipper pocket inside the right pocket. I picked up 3 pairs of them previously. I've also become a big fan of the Rev3 tech tees. They have a slight contour to them through the midsection and use a different kind of material in there. They also hide a side/back zipper that I bet most miss.

For the rest of this year, I'll be running the Fools 50K here in a few weeks and signing up for the Oil Creek 50K this upcoming Saturday. The Oil Creek 100 in 2009 was my 3rd 100-miler but I'll be returning this year with my wife to accompany her on her first journey across 31.2 miles within Oil Creek State Park. I'm also considering a few other races but nothing definite right now. My craving to participate in races has really gone away, for the most part. I love to run...I love to run with her...I love to give back and be a part of the community, but I don't crave the race itself any longer. I see them being few and far between, indefinitely. The passion just isn't there right now. When or if it returns, I'll jump back in. For now, I just want to run. Giving back also means I'm back writing for the Western Reserve Trail Running Newsletter as a co-editor and will most likely be taking over a popular trail race in 2014 as race director. More news on that at a much later date. Till then, though, I think I'll just run and be the best husband, father, and Navy Reserve officer I can be.

Till next time, friends. It's good to write again.

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