Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Past Week

This past week had its share of ups and downs but all-in-all, a pretty good week. Work is work and it went fine. I continue to submit applications for promotions and hopefully, one will happen someday. In the meantime, I'm doing my very best to serve the public and help out my fellow employees. I have a government job with Social Security and with the economy, we've lost lots of staff with little or no authority to hire replacements so we're very understaffed. Compared to before my deployment to Afghanistan and now, the office works much better as a team and achieves more...with less. It is cool to be a part of that and I feel like I'm really bringing something to the table.

This past Tuesday, our youngest began piano lessons. Amazingly, we aligned it at the precise same time as when our oldest takes guitar lessons in the same location in Kent. We have found this a PERFECT time for a weekly 30 minute date. To that end, the brand new development dubbed "Acorn Alley 2" recently opened up behind the music store and a new coffee shop along with it. Truth be told, I'm a big Starbucks nut since working for them back in 2002. Well, a local coffee shop called Tree City Coffee opened up a few months ago and we LOVE it. Well-crafted drinks, pastries/treats that change every week, modern decor, and a comfy environment to just decompress, get some work done or for us, a 30 minute shared beverage and shared pastry while our little ones dive into music a few feet away. This week with St Patrick's Day on tap, we had a mint mocha and chocolate/chocolate muffin. See the chocolate shavings? Mmmmmmm......GOOD!!! 2 forks + 30 minutes + my bride = perfect.

Levi's = have never fit me. Until now, that is. Since I returned home from Afghanistan, I've shed around 20+ pounds. Not on purpose, really, though. I simply ate way less and eat better...and oh yea, I run more and slower. The more and slower together is actually a great fat burner. Lower heart rate burns fat more efficiently vs. running fast with a higher heart rate. Plus, the smorgasbord of Army food while deployed 3 times a day and a dangerous/filthy place to run (aka: very little running) made it really difficult/impossible to shave the fat. Anyway, I picked up 2 pairs of Levi's last weekend and they actually fit. Even better, they are size 34 waist. I remember when I wore a tight 38. At 198-200 pounds at 6'2", I'm happy. I still think I can stand to lose some more, but adding muscle mass via running doesn't really support that. I don't think there is much fat left to rid myself of. We'll see.

Yesterday, we hit the trails of the Fools 50K course and it was MUDDY! March 16th and we had temps in the 60s. It was great. Plans called for the 15.4 miles around but we ended up with 11.4 for the day. I think the hunger for lunch took over. No big deal, though. We're going to knock out more this morning on the roads. I hope to kill 20 on the roads and 8.2 of those with her. I haven't taken my Brooks Pure Project shoes on a 20 miler yet so today is another test of how my body holds up along with the shoes. Speaking of Brooks, a nice, big box arrived yesterday via FedEx. Two more pairs of Pure Project shoes and a bunch of apparel. I'll be giving away/garage-saling a lot of my old running gear this Spring and am replacing it with this stuff. By the way, Spring is awesome and if you find yourself on the trails, be sure to stop along the way and enjoy what's around you. Life is emerging from under the dead leaves all over. This was a quick snapshot of beautiful life emerging from the rubble. So perfect, so beautiful, and right there if we'll just notice.
Time to hit the road for 20 then at high noon today, registration for the Oil Creek 50K this October! I will be crewing, "sherpa-ing", supporting, and running her first 50K with her. No better place than Oil Creek State Park to do it! Happy St Patrick's Day!

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