Monday, June 28, 2010

M-Cubed for 6/28/2010

Monday Morning Musings for June Twenty-Eighth, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- 8 miles near and along a lake, a kick in the lower lip in the pool by my youngest daughter (just a little bit of blood), some serious hiking over rocks, roots, and by 8 waterfalls in 95F heat...those are a handful of highlights so far for our family vacation in the Poconos.

- Monday finds us hunkering down a bit and sticking to the pool and maybe a trip to see Toy Story 3. The forecast is for H-Cubed...hazy, hot, and humid with temps again in the mid to upper 90s. Tonight, however, the floor is supposed to drop out on the humidity and tomorrow it's back to the 80s so I've booked us a day in the Delaware Water Gap canoeing. 16 miles and about 6 hours of fun awaits!

- I looked into a trip into NYC since we're so close but the thoughts of navigating in, around, and out and maintaining the safety of our 2 little girls is a little bit more than I'm willing to do. Perhaps another time when they're older and a little bit more easy to entertain with lots of walking, sightseeing, and crowded sidewalks/subways.

- The new Twilight movie. Huh? No comprendo.

- Many of you know the "Hopeinator"...the "Blister Expert, Dr. Hope Magnus"...and fearless leader of the Trinity Trotters in northern Stark County. If you don't, you still may recall the "Boston Bootey" shot I took of her crossing the Flying Pig Marathon finish line in May as she qualified for the Boston Marathon. Anyway, she is a fanatical Bondi Band wearer. The company loves her so much they send her freebies. Hope is running her first 50K in July at the sold-out Buckeye Trail 50K. I threw her a it adding some life to the event. "Find me a Blue Blaze Bondi Band that matches my Blue Blaze Dirty Girl Gaiters and I'll wear it all 31.2 miles." "Hope...I'm still waiting. You have 19 days."

- Ever go on vacation and swear you'll disconnect from the outside world while on vacation? I've tried but have found the effort futile and if there's a way to stay connected, I will. Not too long ago, it was about how many bars we could get on our cell phone to make calls. Internet wasn't even an option in many places. Today, those bars aren't just for the ability to talk on the phone, but to check our e-mail, the latest news headlines, and of course....FACEBOOK. Here on vacation, I know just the spot to stand in our condo to get internet on my phone and if I have to use laptop (to publish M-Cubed, for example or to upload pics), the recreation center (poolside) has super-fast hi-speed internet. Is this connectivity bad? If it takes me away from my family, I suppose you could say it is. It's not, though. All in moderation, I say.

- Want to get a snapshot of the demographic of an area you are visiting? Visit the local Wal-Mart. I'm just sayin'.... (we're very close to the New York/New Jersey border, by the way)

- My last M-Cubed for June 2010. That means July 4th is just around the corner which means August is closing in. With August comes a new school year. Way too fast, I say. Way too fast.

- I am planning on finally returning to Oil Creek State Park this Saturday. I haven't been there since my 3rd 100-mile finish last October and have been trying to find the time to return ever since. An organized group run is starting at 7am and my plan is to run one loop of the park...around 30 miles, starting from Jersey Bridge. It's about a 2hr drive from home. I think I'll boil some potatoes for the trek and load up my Nathan pack. I'm really looking to seeing a bunch of other Oil Creek'ers!

- I had the deepest (and most painful) massage ever a week ago to work on my left adductor region. I say "region" now because he worked the entire area from groin to knee. "Relentless" is a great way to describe him...he just didn't stop until he knew he worked all of the tightness out. It hurt more than getting the Graston Technique that I got in physical therapy. Today, it is still sore. I may not run at all the rest of the week and just rest. I'm confused as to what is irritating it now, too. Running on the road yesterday hurt. Hiking on the trails and on the steep inclines did not. Perhaps "therapy" is trails and elevation?!?!?! If so, I think I know what to do. :-) Who knows, though. It's a day-by-day thing for me. This Saturday could be very good...or very bad. We shall see.

Have a great last week of June, everyone, and Happy Trails!


kccat said...

Love the Walmart comment. So true!

Hopeinator said...

Dearest Bam Bam Boogety Billock,
I have not and will not give up this search for the Blue Blaze Bondi.....I don't have much time. However, I believe constant and persuasive emails WILL get me what I want!