Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lightning & Footsteps

Lightning flashes up above
Filling the sky pre-dawn
Heavy, moist air is all around
But soon it’ll all be gone

Nothing but breathing
And footsteps below
Can be heard on this morning
Except a voice that whispers…”Go!”

My Brooks provide a gentle ride
My Princeton light a soft glow
Reflective bands keep me safe
From sleepy drivers swerving to and fro

A janitor waxes the high school floor
Oblivious from me running by outside
She cannot hear the breathing or footsteps
Or the voice whispering to me inside

As my journey on this morning nears an end
The eastern sky enters into dawn
The orchestra of birds grows to new heights
And the bats flying above are gone

It is mornings like this I treasure so much
My breathing, my steps, life surrounding
I never take any of it for granted, not once
For it is all abounding grace full of blessings

~ by Nick Billock,
June 22, 2010 morning run