Monday, June 21, 2010

M-Cubed for 6/21/2010

Monday Morning Musings for June Twenty-First, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

 - Wowsers....what a week to not really remember!  It ended quite well but Monday-Thursday...not so good!  Monday brought Madeline's tonsil surgery last week and it actually went really well as I talked about in the previous post.  The next few days were just downright horrible at work.  I'd love to get into the details about my job but I just can't here on my blog.  Thursday, I took the day off along with Friday, too, to spend with Madeline post-surgery.  Thursday, I also took Marjie's '06 Pilot to get the oil changed and tires rotated.  Big lesson learned the scheduled maintenance!  While conducting a brake inspection, they found all 4 brake pad assemblies totally frozen up or actually rusted into position.  NOW I know why we had to push the brake pedal so far to stop the car!  Since we never did the routine cleaning/lube of those assemblies and we have pretty nasty winters, they were all junked up.  Several hundred dollars and 5 hours later, I headed on home.  About a mile from home, my cell phone rings and it's Marjie...she's been side-swiped while sitting at a stop sign in our neighborhood.  SITTING as a stop sign!  In MY car!  A State Trooper visit later, exchanging of insurance information, and on this M-Cubed morning, my car sits at the collision center getting repaired.  :-(  No one was hurt, though.  So, that was the cruddy part of the week!

 - Saturday, I called my parents and asked if our girls could come over.  I saw a beautiful evening on the way and wanted to whisk my lady away into the hills of Amish Country...just over an hour south.  We made a stop at Breitenbach Winery which is one of the most visited wineries in the country.  BBQ was cooking fresh out back and lots of people were enjoying it, each others' company, and the beautiful countryside along with glasses of wine.  We never knew about their upper viewing deck and the ability to get a bottle corked on the premises.  We got some cheese and crackers and enjoyed some of their seasonal Dandelion...super sweet!  Honestly, sitting there on the deck, breeze blowing, sun beating down from behind us, no kids (sorry...we love you but a break was nice!)...that was nice.  Just a break from everything.  We spent the rest of the evening driving through town after town and ended up having dinner in one of the Amish-style restaurants in the small, rural town of Mount Hope.  Evening well spent!

- Sunday, Katherine sung her first solo at church.  Staying in tune, giving a all comes so natural for her.  We all helped her pick a song that was simple and required no music on her part.  She did AWESOME!!!  Wonderful Fathers Day gift!!!  That, along with some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a Starbucks Card, and I was set for the day!

-While sitting on that patio at Breitenbach on Saturday night, my thoughts could not escape so many of my friends not too far to our west at Mohican State Park.  The Mohican 100 Mile Endurance event kicked off before dawn on Saturday morning with the traditional 30 hour time limit.  It also has a 50 mile event and many, many of my friends were in it.  The day had weather scary-similar to what we get for the Burning River 100 in August.  Temperatures that climbed into the upper 80s and full sun with no rain.  61% of the 100-milers did not finish in the end and I still am wondering about a handful of my friends and how they fared.  I haven't found results online and they haven't posted anything on Facebook.  For the ones who conquered, my hat is off to you!!!  I'm not going to name names in fear of missing some but hopefully, I've already congratulated you if I KNOW about you!!!  It was a grueling day for a race on those trails but you did it!  I will say, though, I was happy to be nibbling on cheese and crackers instead of on the balmy trails on Saturday evening.  :-)  My thoughts, however, were with you all the way.

- Huge congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Vince Rucci!!!  Vince and Holly were married on Sunday afternoon at 4pm at Firestone Metro Park.  It was simple, elegant, classy, small, and perfect in every way.  They chose a location that had an enclosed pavilion with kitchen.  The ceremony was held outside in the grass while their guests sat in white chairs and they stood under a mighty oak tree, reciting their vows.  Even bottles of water were provided for us in the hot sun!  Nice touch!  Yellow, white, and a light beige (sorry, I'm bad identifying exact colors!) were the main colors.  Afterwards, we all moved inside and had an amazing dinner, band playing outside, and time to hear a few great toasts to the new couple.  All of my very best wishes to Vince, Holly, and their baby girl and thank you for making us part of your day!  It really was perfect!

- I have hopefully found a new massage therapist to shred away my problems.  He's known to leave bruises and really get the work done so we'll see.  I see him tonight for the initial visit.  He just opened up his new location in Cuyahoga Falls.  I'm optimistic!!!  I'll report back later about the good, bad, and the ugly.

- If you haven't noticed, 2010 hasn't been very productive for me in the running category.  You may recall my adductor injury which really became amplified and known during my 3rd 100-miler last year at Oil Creek in October.  At one point, I swore I was completed healed and back 100%.  That adductor has flared up again and is really putting a damper on things.  Getting the massage tonight is yet another step in my attempt to get fixed.  The late summer/fall schedule is bearing down on me now and if I don't get back into the shape I need to be in, it is ALL in jeopardy, including my repeat trip to Titusville for the 2nd annual Oil Creek 100.  I have a whole blog post in my head about this injury and I may or may not write about the mental turmoil it has recently drowned me in.  More later...

- On tap!  Vacation in the Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania!!!  It's coming up soon and we're all looking forward to the getaway. 

Have a wonderful week, everyone, and Happy Trails!

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Clara said...

:( I'm sorry you're having leg pain again; that's not encouraging for me who is slowly recovering. Hang in there!!!