Sunday, May 16, 2010

Takin' a Break

It's clear (to me) that I need to step away from RTRSBM for awhile and hang the "Be Right Back" sign. This will be the last post for awhile. I will still sporadically post tidbits at my RTRSBM Facebook Fan Page, though.

Since there will be no M-Cubed tomorrow, I have to say Congratulations to the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Miler finishers. Bob "Gombu" Combs, Jim "Slim" Harris, Brian "Pebble" Musick, Roy Heger, Dave "Have You Got Anything Left" Peterman, and Kevin Martin. You all serve as an inspiration to me and I never stopped thinking about you guys from when you started your travels to Virginia a few days ago through this evening. My hat is off to you all. Terri, even though you didn't get that buckle, you're a rock star!! You inspire me daily!

To all you Cleveland Marathoners and 1/2 Marathoners, it was a rare, beautiful day for this race today and so many of you conquered the race and ROCKED CLEVELAND! Way to go!

To you all, take care of yourselves, enjoy the summer, and as always, Happy Trails!

1 comment:

Slim said...

Will miss the Monday morning essay's, as well as the rest of the musings that you post.

Please don"t dedicate all your random posts to FB only. Give me a tidbit everyonce in a while.