Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Morning Trumpet Performance

I'm 37. At age 17 and several years leading up to that, I played the trumpet. Leaving high school in 1991 and joining the Navy, I packed it up. Several years later in the late 1990s, I joined an orchestra through my home church in Virginia Beach, VA. That was an amazing experience filled with lots of brass and woodwinds and the opportunity to play with Christian music artists who visited our church, put on grand Christmas programs, and grow as a trumpeter. That's also when Marjie found a beautiful, now 25-year old, silver, Bach Stradivarius trumpet. A masterpiece. A man had passed away who had been in a local orchestra in Norfolk, VA and his family was selling off his assets. Today, it is in the same beautiful condition. In 2001, I left the Navy and packed up my horn. Many years passed and recently, we joined a new church in small, rural Randolph, Ohio...less than 10 minutes from our house. The church building itself is over 150 years old and still has many of the original items from the beginning. It is exactly what you imagine when you think "old school." This church also is welcoming on those few occasions each year to welcome in a sense of patriotism into the service. We were, after all, founded on Christian principles and our own Constitution was written with the written Word as a guide. With that being said, I wiped the dust from my Bach, found some music, teamed up with Amy (who plays the euphonium) and Jeff (our pianist), and put together some patriotic music to start off Sunday morning service on this Memorial Day 2010 weekend. I was also encouraged to wear my uniform so I took that opportunity to wear my seldom-worn Dress Whites...or as some folks refer to them, my "choker" whites. In my opinion, the sharpest Navy uniform there is! Thanks to Marjie, I have some video to share with you. It's a little tough to hear Amy at times since her bell faces up and her sound is much lower. As you can tell, there's no doubt when the toots are coming from my horn. :-) Enjoy and Happy Memorial Day!

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Hopeinator said...

Beautiful playing, pretty church, amazing way to celebrate and honor Memorial Day Sunday!