Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Love...

birds singing when I wake up

a full, bright moon on a morning run

when my Siamese cat crawls up on my chest wantin' some love...his name is Berkeley, by the way

old, worn-out clothes that have a softness that money can't buy

friends that feel like family

listening to talent on a piano

the peacefulness and power of classical music

my 25-year old Bach Stradivarius silver trumpet

a new pair of running shoes that have the pillow-top mattress feel

the pudding dessert that Marjie makes for me on special occasions in an 9x13 pan

watching the sunrise over my left shoulder as I drive to work each day

driving through the country and seeing old and new barns and American flags waving in the breeze

spending hours upon hours alone with Marjie...doing something, everything...or nothing at all

putting on my uniform and serving and wish I could do it 100 times more often

Marjie's giggle/laugh

the genuine nature and simplicity of my children and how brutally honest they are

blonde hair and blue eyes

a super-tight haircut and wishes it wouldn't grow

a soft, non-muddy, rooty, rocky, stream-crossing trail run at sunrise

toenails that fall off...or in necessary times, that need ripped off with care

to be told I'm doing a good job when I am and told I'm not doing a good job when I'm not

white corn chips, salsa, and lite ranch swirled in...all while I watch 24, House, The Office, or Heroes

my little Eee NetBook

being out to see on a Navy warship...the smell of jetfuel as a fighter jet takes off of the flight deck...watching the sun rise or set over the ocean...

a freshly cut and manicured lawn with perfectly edged sides and smooth top

living on a budget...which I would have never said before 4 months ago

my old Keen sandals and old Ecco dress shoes

the feel of Smartwool socks in the winter after a long day at work

when a military aircraft flies over my home...ahhh, the sweet sound of FREEDOM

keeping in touch with friends from Virginia and hope I can see them more often some day

living in a world of transparency where I can be who I am without fear of retribution and people can either choose to look...or look away...real, raw, and honest


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