Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am Blessed to be a Runner

I am blessed to be a runner...

4:30am and I'm out the door
Stars fill the sky...millions of them
The fragrance of Spring still lingers...
The trees are silent...the birds have not yet awoke
The only sound is my breathing and each foot-strike
My headlamp is off, my pupils are dilated
I stare at the freshly painted white stripes
I cross a creek and hear the water trickling over the rocks
I see the morning fog laying in the rolling valleys
I begin to hear the chirping of birds
Dawn, a light blue color in the eastern sky begins
Only a runner gets to see all of this
As dawn is witnessed second by second,
The sky changes in the east as a light orange blends with blue
The birds' song continues and grows
I pass through the valleys' fog and feel the coolness on my skin
I see the silhouette of the trees against
the backdrop of the morning dawn
I continue heading east towards home
The anthem of my feathered friends grows
The sky brightens as the stars fade
I am home

I am blessed... be a runner.


Slim said...

Very nice poetry.

Appreciate your sharing.

Mr. P said...

Well said Nick!

Dale said...

Some mornings I have to drag myself out there but it doesn't take long before I feel blessed too! God is good!!

Hopeinator said...

Thank you! This was exactly what some of us needed today!

Scott Keeps Running said...

Hi Nick-

Yes, it's a blessing to be a runner. :)

(Found your blog through the Brooks ID site.)