Thursday, May 20, 2010

Harvest Hills Marathon Report

It sorta went like, it went exactly like this:

I arrived at work on Monday morning with not only the typical Monday morning blues but a Monday following a weekend with the Navy. These days are some of the most difficult as I go from being in uniform, in leadership, and serving in a capacity that I truly believe in to my civilian job where I am in no leadership and am more of a number on a roster and not much more. The de-programming is tough.

I decided that Tuesday was to be a "mental health day" and took vacation.

I awoke on Tuesday and the first thought was "I want to run a marathon today." Why? Partly, I just wanted to see if I still had a 4hr marathon in me, with no notice, on a whim.

The craziness continued by my instantly-created route. 10.91 laps of my 2.4 mile neighborhood. My mailbox would be my aid station. Hammer's Heed and Clif Shot Bloks filled the newspaper slots.

3hrs, 56min, 8sec later, I finished the first...and last Harvest Hills Marathon. It was a great day off! The irony is that I called it a mental health day and I'd bet that 99% of the population would say that I need another mental health day for doing it. Bring it!

It's good to know that I still have what it takes.

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Trail Boy said...

Very cool. What a way to deal with the Monday blues. Now we want more pictures of your marathon course!