Thursday, July 10, 2008

Plan for the Next 4 Weeks

Great week so far after a rough weekend. I took Sunday and Monday completely off. Come Tuesday, the "passion" was back to get out there so I forged ahead. My renewed focus in these final 4 weeks to the BR100 will be to:

1. Stay healthy
2. Run slower...and slower...and slower. One thing I learned from the Green Jewel 100K was that to run normally around a 7:30min - 8min pace but then to go out and do an ultra at 2-3 min slower per mile...without ever training at that pace, can bring forth lots of pain and agony early on. On the surface, that sounds slower and hurt more? Yep! Different muscles, different stride, different breathing, different posture, etc. So right now, I'm really focusing on this and also some power-walking.
3. Keep the mileage up a bit this week but not an all-time high, then taper next week to the Buckeye Trail 50K on the 19th. After the BT50K, a focused taper along with several days of carb-loading and "sleep-loading" in the final 4-5 days before the BR100.
4. Deep tissue massage this Saturday and another one in between the 50K and the BR100. I never got my post-race massage from the Buffalo Marathon so I know that from all the mileage, a marathon, and the sloppy mud-running, I'm physically out-of-sorts. Lori Roosa, LMT always does a phenomenal job at fixing me so I'll see her this Saturday and again 2 weeks later. I swear by Lori and highly recommend her. She works on her own as well as part-time with Summa on the Hudson/Stow border at the Wellness Center. Her direct contact is 330-204-6463.
5. Eat more. I am simply not taking in enough calories as of late. Even though my 50lb weight loss ended over a year ago, I still think about how many calories are in everything I eat. I can't seem to break it. My diet overall is extremely healthy so there are no concerns but I still "guesstimate" my calories each day. What a waste of brain cells!

For this week, I ran an extremely comfy 6 miles on Tuesday morning at 9:45 pace. That was really enjoyable! Wednesday I ran 7 before work. I did the first 3 1/2 at 8:02 pace and the second 3 1/2 at 9:30 pace. Then on Wednesday night, I had an awesome run with Chef Bill in the Gorge Metro Park in Cuyahoga Falls. I ran in road shoes as my plan is to now change out of trail shoes after the Perkins Trail (mile 85). The last 15 miles do not require trail shoes and my feet will undoubtedly welcome the switch into the comfort of my Brooks. We met at Chef's house and ran a very enjoyable 11 miles that covered much of the BR100 final miles including Glens Trail, Highbridge Trail, Signal Tree trail, and the Gorge trail (is that what it's called?). I wanted to see these areas in daylight, unlike on Saturday night so I could better visualize the final 5 miles to the finish. On the way back out of Glens Trail, I ran it just like I plan to for the finish and ran across the pavement where the finish line will be. I stood there, spun around 360 degrees and soaked in the visual that I will most certainly recall for a bit of motivation on August 3rd. Things like this really seem to help me. I took this morning off but will run this evening around home. This Saturday, I'll be volunteering at the Muddy Paws 5/10 Mile race and also get my long run in while there...somehow. I'm thinking about running at 5am, volunteering from 6:30am to whenever, then doing some more later. It's supposed to be a steamer on Saturday with highs around 90F.

Thanks, Bill, for the "Tour de Cuyahoga Falls" last night! You have some awesome places to run at your doorstep!

Lastly, here is video shot by Jim Chaney of the "Pine Hollow to Covered Bridge" segment of the BR100. This is one of my favorite stretches. I am the one in the white shirt with race vest on. It covers a lot of horse trails and is a very enjoyable section. Between 8 and 9 minutes on the video, we caught the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad video! There are now a total of 6 segment videos at Enjoy this section and as always, Happy Trails!!!

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