Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Mind Never Rests

You'd think I was counting down to a wedding, a graduation, or something of significance like that. That's what it "feels" like counting down to this 100-miler in NINE days. No, I don't put it anywhere near the importance of those events, it's just the anticipation and nerves that are similar. Everything is going exceptionally well. I recovered very quickly from last Saturday's BT50K and immediately went into the final taper for the BR100. Sunday was a day with the Navy in Cleveland so no running that day. I did have some Chinese for lunch at Tower City, though...that was the LAST time I'll eat there. I paid for it big time on Monday. Let's just say I left the house more than once for my morning stopped at my parents' homemade ice cream shop. With that said, I got 7 in on Monday, took Tuesday off, 6 yesterday with a 1-mile tempo mixed in there, 5 really easy today, off tomorrow, and 12 easy on the Towpath this Saturday morning. This morning truly felt effortless. Plus, the weather was a crisp 58F and clear skies. Once I run Saturday, that'll give me 30 good taper miles this week. Afterwards, we're heading over to Fisher's in Peninsula for some breakfast. For next week, I'll run 2 or 3 days and probably take Thursday/Friday completely off. The total mileage for those 2 or 3 days will be 10-12 miles at the most.

Here are some of my drop-bag thoughts for BR:

Drop bag #1: Station Rd #2 (mile 39.7): Trail shoes, packet of Hammer's Perpetuem, some Hammer Gel, BodyGlide, and new socks filled with powdered SportShield lubricant. Extra tech tee just in case.

Drop bag #2: Boston Store #2 (mile 60.6): another packet of Perpetuem, Hammer Gel, BodyGlide, my headlamp.

Drop bag #3: Covered Bridge #2 (mile 85.7): Hammer Gel, BodyGlide, extra tech tee, new socks with lubricant, road shoes...can I pack some motivation, as well?

The rest of my food will come from the well-stocked aid stations. I'll carry 2 handhelds and will re-fill with Hammer's Heed at each station except for the 2 fill-ups of Perpetuem.

Once Sunday arrives, I'll start backing off the fiber-rich foods and increase the carbohydrate load significantly...not just through my whole-wheat pasta, but through lots of fruits like bananas, oranges, peaches, and apples. Lots of water content in those plus the carbs...hydrating and carb-loading at once. Starting Wednesday morning, I'll begin taking Hammer's Endurolytes morning and night (salt/electrolytes) to signal my body to start holding on to water. I'll also target 8-9 hours of sleep per night. The 10-day forecast finally stretches into August 2nd and so far, it's 82F for the high, 67F for the low and a 20% chance of rain. Of course, this is NE Ohio so I expect that to change as many times as there are days between now and then.

Happy Trails, everyone!


Kim said...

Just eat well and sleep extra. I've enjoyed reading your blog on your way to your first 100. I'll be looking for you and hope to say hi as you blaze through Happy Days AS.

Nick Billock said...

Thanks, Kim! Happy Days will be a big milestone as I'll "only" have <50K to go! Thanks for volunteering...we couldn't do it without you! See you soon!