Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Life in Slow Motion

Talk about a slow-moving week. It seems like forever until Saturday's 5am start at Squire's Castle. I know, however, that looking back it will have all gone by very fast. The taper is in full-swing now with very little running at all. I ran a very casual 5 yesterday, took today off, and will go out for 3 or 4 in the morning and that may very well be it until Saturday. Something always nags me physically in the final week before a marathon or ultra. Today it was where my right IT band connects at the top. No reason for it to be sore except for my massage on Saturday night. These things always disappear and end up being nothing, but it's one thing I don't need running through my mind right now. Sleep is averaging around 7 hours a night and hopefully 8 to 8 1/2 the next few nights. Friday night will be minimal since the pre-race meeting and pasta party are that night and (ugh!) my alarm will be going off at 2am Saturday in order to go through my morning pre-race rituals and be to Cuyahoga Falls (a 30min drive) for the bus by 3:30am.

Also, last year's weather got up around a blazing 90F. Well, the forecast is moving that direction yet again. Right now, they are calling for 87F for the high on Saturday, mid-70s overnight, and low 90s on Sunday....no rain either day.

My plan until Saturday:

Wednesday: easy 4 miles before work, Kashi breakfast/pasta/baked potatoes/5-6 pieces of fruit/lots of water/Hammer's Endurolytes at night, SLEEP!

Thursday: no run, same food basically/more Endurolytes morning and night/haircut---keepin' it short!/finalize drop bags/ SLEEP!

Friday: no run, back off the carbs a bit until pasta party/incorporate some more protein/fiber but not too much/Endurolytes/Pre-Race Meeting at 6:30pm/home to bed.......

Saturday: 2am, the fun begins....


LIVE Webcast: as runners reach each aid station, the time of day will be recorded and uploaded to website. If you want to come to any aid station to see me, this is the way to predict arrivals. Commentary will also be provided at the top of the screen. The camera you see will be focused on the finish line and refreshes every 30 seconds.

Race Start:
5am SHARP!, Saturday August 2nd
Time Limit: 30 hours (11am Sunday)
My Bib Number: 119

No more blog entries until it's all over. I'll report as soon as I'm capable!! :-)

Thank you to so many of you for your well-wishes and tons of support. It is priceless to me and I greatly appreciate it all!

As always and more so this time than ever, HAPPY TRAILS!

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Brian said...

good luck. have fun out there