Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Published in Feb. 27th Record-Courier newspaper

The phone was ringing at about 4pm yesterday and on the other end was a sports editor from the Record Courier, Portage County's local newspaper. Turns out, they heard about the my marathon running and wanted to "run" an article on me. He asked if I had a few minutes to answer some questions and of course, I did! Since I didn't have the benefit of proofing this article before they published it, what better place to clear up the errors than here on my blog! All-in-all, a pretty good article. (here's the link to the article on their website) You can also click on the image's in picture format.

Some corrections from the article:
1. I'm 34, not 35 years old. However, 35 is only a few months away.
2. I served in the Navy for 10 years, not the "Naval Academy"...however, that would have been awesome if true!!!
3. In case you're wondering, when they talk about weight requirements compared to height, my height is 6'2".
4. Paragraph 6: the reference to "corps" is incorrect...that would imply "Marine Corps" which I was never in nor did I say I was. Navy all the way, Baby!
5. Paragraph 8: I have completed 2 ultramarathons, not 4. Also, I "guess-timated" on the number registered for the 50K portion of the BT50K. Not sure of the exact number.
6. Last paragraph: the reference to "2% of marathoners can run a qualifying time for Boston" was another guess...given that the average finishing time in the U.S. is so far off of Boston times, I'm guessing I can't be too far off with that number.

OK, I think I've "cleared the air" on all the errors in the article. Again, my thanks to Colin Harris, the sports editor for publishing it. It was nice to wake up to the sports section this morning...motivation for my breezy 19F run in a few minutes! Have a great day!

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