Sunday, February 24, 2008

Buffalo it is...T-91 days and counting

It's felt like a never-ending shopping experience (for a guy, this is murder!)..."shopping" for my 20th marathon and the first marathon I'll attempt to qualify for the Boston Marathon. My top choice was the Eugene Marathon held in Track-Town USA....Eugene, OR. It's held on May 4th, the same day as Flying Pig in Cincinnatti....the 2nd marathon I ran in 2007...the BEST organized marathon I've ever run. Flying Pig was also a consideration as it's within driving distance and I know the course. However, with 5 of my 7 marathons in 2007 all happening in Ohio, I REALLY wanted to get out of the state for my 20th and knock another state off of my 50-state goal.

Medals from the first 14 marathons

On yesterday's long run (I knocked out a healthy/good-feelin' 16 miles), a few of the folks referred me to the Sunburst Marathon held the weekend after Memorial Day. The finish is on the 50 yard line of Notre Dame stadium. It has so-so reviews on Marathon Guide and date, while only 1 week after Buffalo, was getting simply too far out. So on to Buffalo: it's Memorial Day weekend...on Sunday...and only 3 to 3.5 hours from home. Easy drive up on Saturday and back Sunday night. Plus, Marjie and a girlfriend of hers is going to walk the 1/2 marathon (way to go!). I talked to the race director last night of the Buffalo Marathon and he expects about 3000 total participants (marathon, 1/2, and marathon relay)...perfect size and minimal congestion. The course is also known to be flat and fast. So Buffalo it is! Goal is back to the training....


Posted 1 hour later:
G R E A T run after the post above! 16F, no wind, full sun, 7 miles @ 6:57 pace on a rolling road course! No greater way to start the day!

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