Thursday, January 10, 2008

14 Mile Pine Lane/Brandywine/Valley Bridle Trail Run

With only a few days before I leave for the Navy Officers Training Command, I saw a perfect forecast for a perfect run on the trails...and the first run with the camera. Not only did I capture some good shots but some VERY amateur video as well. It's made to run best on a broadband connection which most people have today with high-speed internet. I don't like wearing the waist packs (Chef Bill has a handy compartment for his camera on his) so I was struggling to find a way to carry the camera. I picked up an iPod arm band (by Nathan) from Vertical Runner and it worked great. Only a sub-compact camera would fit.

I took off at 9am, sunny skies, and 29F, and very little (if any) wind. Nothing but a tech tee and some running pants were the gear today. Fueled by some Blue Blaze Pure Fuel and also a Chocolate Pure Fuel bar...and washed down by some Heed (by Hammer). I headed out from Lock 29, up the brick road to Pine Lane, and picked up the Buckeye Trail. VERY muddy, I must say. Now it's raining outside to make it worse. I'm praying for some long consistent sub-freezing temps over the next 2 weeks or no rain...or else the BT50K is gonna be a muddy treat!

Remember the wind storm we had only a couple of nights ago? Well, a lot of trees have come down over the Buckeye Trail...between Pine Lane and the Boston Store. This one here is just past the I-80 overlook...about a mile from the Boston Store. It completely blocks the trail, is VERY long, and it 3 feet high. Easy for me to pass but if you're vertically challenged, you may be belly-rollin' over this guy!

I've always wanted a picture of the actual pines that give Pine Lane it's name. Kinda hard to describe it to family without a pic so here it is. This was about the only dry part today as all those protruding roots suck up the moisture and keep the ground dry through this very rooty passage known as Pine Lane.

After arriving at the Boston Store (at 5 miles), I headed up past the Stanford Hostel to the Brandywine Trail. My suspicion was that the river crossing on this trail should be pretty strong considering all the snow that we had last week. About 1/4 mile out from the crossing, I could hear the raging water well and knew it was time to get wet. And wet I did get. OK, here's my first attempt at video...and appreciate the fact I crossed this 3 times (soaked each time) to get this done!

After the stream, I headed up the hill towards the Inn at Brandywine Falls (Marjie and I stayed at this Bed & Breakfast a few months back...highly recommend!...and the best homemade oatmeal and granola!). Here are a few shots I grabbed on the way up the hill. The pic with me in it has me standing before the dropoff where down below is the rushing water from the Falls. GORGEOUS to look at but hard to take a picture of. The other picture is heading up hill towards the Inn. Once I got up past the Inn, I headed down to the viewing platform for Brandywine Falls and that's where I took a shot at my 2nd video of the day. I was really curious how the crashing water would come out on a digital camera and then online. Well, here it is:

After this shot, it was back to the Boston Store, over to the Valley Bridle Trail, up the monster hills besides I-80, and back into the pines. By the way, it's a monster hill to me because at only 0.6 mile in length, it climbs over 200 feet. The Valley Bridle leads back to the Pine Lane parking lot. From there, it was back to the Lock 29.

All in all, it was a great run...logged 14 miles in 2hrs, 10min. Wrapped up the run with some Recoverite by Hammer Nutrition. Lastly, I can't finish up today's blog without a big hearty Thank You to my trusty trail shoes...still proving to stay tough through all the snow, mud, and water!


Chef Bill Bailey said...

Great Job Nick. REALLY...GOOD JOB!!!! Love the videos they came out great. I'll have to try my video on my camera.

Brett S. said...

Looks like everyone got new cameras. The Keens are great and yours seem to look muddier then mine. Maybe it's the blue color.

See you Sunday

Brian said...

Nice post Nick.. enjoyed the video!

Lindsey H. Loftus said...

Nick, nice job on the posting. We should get together. I run with the Vertical Runner folks too but work in Rootstown at NEOUCOM. I'm new to blogging as well. Check out my blog at

Lindsey H. Loftus said...

Nick, nice job. I run with the Vertical Runner folks too. I work in Rootstown at NEOUCOM - if you ever want to run out there, let me know.

I'm new to blogging myself. Check out my site at

Lindsey H. Loftus said...

Nick, nice job on this post. I run with the Vertical Runnner folks as well. I also work in Rootstown at NEOUCOM. If you ever want to go for a run out there, let me know.

Anonymous said...


Good luck at school! I don't think I have met you but I know some of your friends.

Really nice video at the BW creek crossing...I may have to steal that idea and make one like that somewhere.