Friday, January 4, 2008

Kickoff VR Training night and a 21 mile run

Welcome to many of you that were at Wednesday night's kickoff meeting for VR Training at the Hudson Library. We had a great turnout on a very frigid evening. Chef Bill just posted his recipes from his cooking demonstration on the VR Training site for download. Yum!

I'd like to try something different: one of the most common questions we answer at Vertical Runner is about what to wear in different weather conditions. As part of my running entries here, I'll occasionally mention what I wore and why. This will hopefully help some of you venturing out in the cold...or very cold for the first time.

Thanks to Bill for a great trail run through Virginia Kendall on Wednesday morning. We racked up about 10 miles in snow that varied from 4-7". We snapped some great pics along the way so I'm guessing he'll post them in his blog soon. We headed from Happy Days, around the Ledges trail, crossed Truxell, did the whole cross country trail, back to Pine Grove Trail, and finished up with the 2nd half of the Ledges trail. It's always great to put the first tracks in the snow...outside of the animal tracks that prevail out there.

With a Navy drill weekend this weekend, I took an opportunity today to return to the asphalt once again and do my marathon training route starting at my home in Rootstown and heading over to the Kent Starbucks and then returning along Route 43 in Brimfield and then back to Rootstown...21 miles round trip. Definately a tough run today with the wind and hills. It seemed with every turn that the wind stayed in my face.

OK, this is a great opportunity to talk about what to wear: when I headed out, it was 24F with a windchill in the lower teens....with no new weather or much temperature fluctuation over the next 3 hours. With temps below freezing plus the wind, it's important to block that wind. A lot of outer shells you buy are wind resistant with a handful being wind-proof. My personal gear of choice for today was Sporthill's 3SP gear...their 3SP line is designed for 0-40F and is windproof and very breathable. I actually didn't wear anything at all beneath the top. I could have with no problem and if I was someone who is cold all the time (ie: Vince!), a baselayer would have been fine. The pants were 3SP as well, Sugoi wind-briefs, then Smartwool hat, gloves, and socks, and lots of BodyGlide. The ONLY thing EVER cold was my nose...but for me, it wasn't nasty enough for a full face cover of a balaclava. Fuel for the run was HEED electrolyte and Apple Cinnamon and Blue Blaze Pure Fuel bars. I kept those in my pant pocket which kept them warm and chewy. Once I got back, I called Mel up at the store inquiring about an ice bath...hadn't ever done one but heard it was beneficial. HECK NO! I lasted one minute and out I jumped. My feet were freezing! Maybe it was that bucket of ice cubes from the fridge that did me in!

My new Canon SD850IS showed up today so hopefully, I'll be adding some good photos and videos in the near future. Have a great weekend!

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Chef Bill Bailey said...

I'll post pics later this weekend. You got to stay in the ice bath for 10 minutes